Former Little People, Big World’s star Audrey Roloff is concerned about her husband, Jeremy Roloff’s, new hobby as she’s set to welcome baby No. 3 in a matter of weeks.

Audrey, 30, shared a video on her Instagram Stories on Thursday, September 30, of Jeremy, 31, riding on their street on a one-wheeled electric skateboard. 

“I’m thinking this is not the best new hobby with a 35 week pregnant wife,” Audrey, 30, wrote over her Instagram Stories on Thursday, September 30.

Thankfully, the former TLC star was wearing a helmet — safety first. 

Audrey Roloff/Instagram

Audrey shares daughter Ember, 4, and son, Bode, 20 months, with Jeremy, and the couple are expecting their third child in November. 

Typically, pregnancy lasts about 40 weeks, meaning the “Behind the Scenes” podcast host could give birth in just five weeks — an inopportune time for Jeremy to risk any injuries, even more so because The Marriage Journal author experienced Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD) during and after her pregnancy with Bode and is experiencing it again with baby No. 3

SPD is a condition that causes your pelvic joints to become stiff or move unevenly. The condition is not harmful to the baby, but it could be incredibly painful for the mother.

“To me baby feels very low also my symphysis pubis dysfunction that came on with Bode around 8 months started much earlier with this babe,” Audrey wrote on her Instagram Stories on Tuesday, September 28. “[Thankfully] I’ve been able to manage it with being more proactive this pregnancy … hoping it stays manageable during these final weeks and it’s not horrible postpartum.”

Following the birth of Bode, Audrey could barely move, except for small walks around the farm. She has been more proactive during this pregnancy to help manage the SPD, including visiting a chiropractor regularly and using a support belt. 

Audrey Roloff/Instagram

While Audrey and Jeremy, who announced the pregnancy in July, don’t know the gender of the baby yet, Audrey revealed that she does have a hunch it will be a boy. 

On Tuesday, September 28, Auj shared three images of her baby bump from when she was pregnant with Ember, Bode and baby No. 3. 

A common pregnancy myth is if a mother is carrying the baby high, it will be a girl, but if her stomach is low, it will be a boy; based on her bump, it appears lower than when she was pregnant with Ember. 

“To Ember, you are ‘baby sister’ already,” Audrey wrote on Instagram. “[But] mama thinks there is another little boy in there. We shall see.” 

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