Despite the medical complications Audrey Roloff has been dealing with, going through the newborn phase with baby No. 2 has been pretty much a walk in the park. On Wednesday, February 12, the former Little People, Big World star took to Instagram to gush over baby Bode Roloff. In a post celebrating his one-month milestone, she revealed that, even with her “aching pelvic bones,” he’s actually been a pretty easy infant, especially compared to big sister Ember Roloff.

“Big boy is one month old already!” Audrey, 28, wrote on the social media site. “I can’t believe how sweet, calm and cuddly he is. ❤️ Also, I didn’t know it was possible for newborns to sleep so well … 😅I keep asking myself, is it a baby No. 2 thing, a boy thing or a big baby thing? Not that Ember was a horrible sleeper, but it definitely took her a few months to figure out. Bode, on the other hand, wakes up once around 3 a.m. with the most polite little grunts 😂and then goes back to sleep until about 8! I honestly feel a little guilty about the amount of sleep we’ve been getting in this newborn phase … but my aching pelvic bones remind me to just accept the gift.😉”

⁣⁣A few days earlier, the “Behind the Scenes” podcast host revealed she’d been diagnosed with symphysis pubis dysfunction, or SPD for short. Though it hasn’t been easy — and has prevented her from leading her usually active life — she’s doing her best to manage the joint pain. “I’ve been going [to a chiropractor] throughout my whole pregnancy and still [go] every two weeks,” she told fans who offered their best advice. She also dealt with a case of mastitis in January 2020, less than two weeks after her son was born.

Other than that, though, it seems things have been pretty much smooth sailing. ⁣⁣”‘Mr. dude man,’ as Ember and Jer call him, loves to be held,” she told her fans on Instagram. “He smiles when we ‘coo’ at him, and Ember asks me, ‘You an owl, Mama?’ The cute newborn outfits already don’t fit him. 🙈 We think he might have a twinge more red in his hair then Ember did, and it definitely looks like it’s gonna be curly, 🙏🏻but time will tell. 😉”

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