Not holding back. Aubrey O’Day slammed Addison Rae and Bhad Bhabie’s highly successful record deals, claiming they are praised for doing the bare minimum.

“Let’s stop pretending that they have talent, please. I don’t know what they did, I don’t know the dances that [Addison] did on TikTok. I’m sure they were very impressive,” the Danity Kane alum said during a Tuesday, November 29, interview on SiriusXM.

As the “Damaged” singer, 38, unleashed her frustration with the Gen-Z artists landing record deals, she was seemingly more upset they are ranked next to iconic artists like Beyoncé. Aubrey then challenged Addison, 22, to go through extensive training to “learn Janet Jackson’s choreography” like Danity Kane did when they were on Making the Band.

“Nowadays, the gatekeepers are gone, everyone thinks they’re a star – everyone can be a star. You can fart the national anthem on TikTok and you’re more famous than me, you’re more relevant than me and you have bigger numbers than me,” the California native claimed.

She noted, “The old school people that really had to fight through the gatekeepers every step of the way, there’s a good group of us that have a little chip on our shoulder about how things have transitioned.”

Aubrey O'Day's Song ‘Couple Goals’ Debuts on OnlyFans: Video

After parting ways with Danity Kane for the final time in 2014, Aubrey continued her music career and debuted her new song “Couple Goals” in November. She exclusively told In Touch that the single was the first time she truthfully addressed her past relationship with Jersey Shore star Paul “Pauly D” DelVecchio.

The pair dated from 2015 to 2018 and Aubrey claimed their breakup was due to the DJ’s alleged cheating. Pauly, 42, for his part, has denied the cheating claims.

“I spared that relationship greatly,” Aubrey told In Touch. “It took a lot of time for me to heal from the type of trauma that I experienced in that relationship. And it took a long time for me to take ownership and accountability for not loving myself properly and allowing it. That’s the hardest part, when you have to forgive yourself.”

The Between Two Evils artist revealed that it took her a while to “take accountability” for not caring enough about herself to “allow [the trauma]” to affect her life so drastically.

The “Showstopper” singer was discovered for her impressive singing and dancing talents on P. Diddy’s MTV show Making the Band 3 in 2005. Aubrey, alongside former band members Aundrea Fimbres, D. Woods, Dawn Richard and Shannon Bex, made the final cut and became the hit girl group.

They gained major recognition when they released their self-titled debut album in 2006, followed by their sophomore album, “Welcome to the Dollhouse” in 2008. While it seemed like they were just reaching the tip of the iceberg of their success, behind-the-scenes drama and differences caused Danity Kane to break up in 2009. Aubrey, Dawn, and Aundrea tried to revive the group with their third album, “DK3” in 2014, but they split once again before the album’s release.

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