Facing the music. Aubrey O’Day addresses whether the “poor girl” lyric in her new song, “Couple Goals,” is directed at ex Paul “Pauly D” DelVecchio Jr.’s girlfriend, Nikki Hall, in an exclusive interview with In Touch

“At the time that I wrote it, it was for three people,” Aubrey, 38, explains to In Touch about her single, which is set to be released on Monday, November 21. “It was for myself, I used to look in the mirror and say that when I was in it. It’s for the girls that warned me before I got in it. And it was for the potential girls in the future who maybe are in the place where I was, where I was standing up for all of it and making it look so beautiful from the outside. But really inside, it was everything but.” 

The upcoming song — which will be accompanied by an OnlyFans uncensored nude music video — marks the first time the former Danity Kane member will publicly detail her former relationship with the Jersey Shore cast member. Pauly, 42, and Aubrey dated from 2015 to 2018, and she alleges that the reason for their split was due to cheating on Pauly’s behalf. 

For his part, the MTV personality has vehemently denied the cheating claims. 

Aubrey O'Day Reveals If 'Poor Girl' Lyric in New Song Is Directed at Pauly D's Girlfriend Nikki
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Aubrey elaborates how her song points to a former partner who uses the “same ingredients” from one relationship to the next, noting that “it really is incredible how many women share that same experience of just seeing someone move right along, calling the next person the same pet names, waking them up the same way.” 

Now that she is transitioning into the alternative rock genre of music, Aubrey also describes how writing the new track was a way to take back her identity. 

“I spared that relationship greatly,” the Between Two Evils artist admits. “It took a lot of time for me to heal from the type of trauma that I experienced in that relationship. And it took a long time for me to take ownership and accountability for not loving myself properly and allowing it. That’s the hardest part, when you have to forgive yourself.” 

The California native, however, emphasizes that a “piece of art” shouldn’t be a way to “get back at somebody.”

“So, I wanted to make sure that my intentions were just about appreciating a piece of music that could potentially speak to other women that understand what it’s like to see somebody that you thought loved you and did certain things with you, go on to the next girl and do the same exact routine,” Aubrey adds. 

The former Broadway actress also notes that despite any judgment she may receive in response for her new music, she is “happy to finally give [her] voice” to people. 

“There’s a part of me that feels like, you know, when you do that — when you kind of step back into a place where you’re more of a public figure and you’re speaking out more —  people do have this, like, idea that you belong to them. They can judge you,” Aubrey concludes. “I don’t want to ever feel that pressure again of being belonged by people. I belong to myself and my art. And that is it.” 

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