They may have had a rocky start thanks to drama surrounding the rules, but Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago fell hard for each other on Too Hot to Handle. By the end of the Netflix show, they were ready to make some serious commitments — and the Canadian cutie even asked her man to move to a whole new continent for her. But did the reality TV couple manage to make things work out in the real world? We dug through the stars’ social media to see what proof we could find about whether or not the couple is still together.

They follow each other on Instagram.

It’s a pretty good sign that Harry, 21, and Francesca, 25, are Instagram mutuals — especially considering the fact that there are several Too Hot to Handle cast members that neither of them follow. One of those is Kelechi “Kelz” Dyke, a.k.a. the other guy on the show the British Columbian beauty was interested in. If they are a couple, it’s possible they decided to nip any jealousy issues in the bud by not interacting with exes on the photo-sharing site.

Too Hot to Handle Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago Still Together Proof

They both snapped photos with the same car.

In June 2019, Francesca shared a seductive shot next to a lime green Lamborghini. Almost two weeks later, the Australian hunk posted his own picture in a neon Aventador — the same kind of car. The backgrounds of their photos also seem to share similarities. And though the location tag on her photo is Las Vegas, Nevada, it’s pretty telling that his is West Vancouver, British Columbia.

Harry told a fan he’s married.

He may have been joking, but when one fan asked about his relationship status in the comments of one of his posts, he dropped the bombshell. “Hi, Harry! Are [you] married?” they wanted to know. “I am,” he wrote back, sharing the weary face emoji. Considering it’s been about a year since the show filmed — Francesca’s Instagram confirms taping took place in April 2019 — it’s definitely possible these two had enough time to tie the knot.

Too Hot to Handle Star Harry Jowsey Says He's Married
Courtesy of Harry Jowsey/Instagram

But he also hinted he’s quarantining alone.

“Day 59 in Quarantine: My plant has now become my full-time photographer,” he captioned one shot from April 8. “Can’t wait to make like a tree and leaf the house.” If he had a roommate, especially a stunningly gorgeous one like Frankie, he’d have someone else around to snap his shots. Though a year leaves plenty of time for the couple to get serious, it also leaves plenty of time for their relationship to fall apart. So what do you think? Does the evidence speak for itself? We’re eager to find out.

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