Anna Duggars older sister Priscilla Waller was slammed for making negative comments about transgender kids while announcing her pregnancy with husband David Waller.

“We have some super exciting news to let you know that God has given us another little blessing due in July,” Priscilla, 37, began in an Instagram video shared on Thursday, February 22. “We are so excited. Our kids are super excited.”

Priscilla added that the couples’ six kids are “all anticipating” to learn if their new sibling will be a boy or girl. “I’m so grateful that God gets to choose the gender in a world that is so confused these days with gender and identity,” she continued. “In Genesis 1, God made male and female and called it after he made it very good. And I am so grateful that God has a plan for each one of us and what he has made, it is amazing and it’s perfect.”

She went on to “encourage” her followers to be “the person who God’s created you to be and enjoy life to the fullest of the plan that God has for you.”

Priscilla then recalled a recent park outing with her kids, where she saw a young boy mixing up “he” and “she” pronouns. “It’s so sad to me to see the confusion that’s even being trained and taught in this generation,” she continued. “I want to encourage you to stand for what the bible calls good.”

Shortly after David uploaded the video of his wife, several social media users rushed to the comments section to slam Priscilla’s stance on transgender youth. “It kind of seems like you are being judgmental. Doesn’t the Bible frown against that as well?” one person commented. “Jesus loved all and did not pass his judgment on others. Why do you see fit to do that?”

“Stop spreading hate messages and concentrate on what you do best — getting pregnant by the looks of it,” another social media user chimed in. A third added, “It’s so sad to me that you took an announcement of something happy for your family to judge other people and their families …”

One person encouraged Priscilla to “consider the possibility that God also created transgender people,” while another called her message “extremely sad.”

Anna Duggar Sister Instagram Comments

Meanwhile, others pointed out that Priscilla should be more concerned about her brother-in-law Josh Duggar than the transgender community. The former 19 Kids and Counting star, 35, is currently in prison after he was found guilty on one count of receiving child pornography and one count of possessing child pornography in December 2021. The latter charge was dropped at his sentencing hearing, where he was ordered to serve 12.5 years behind bars.

“It’s more confusing to your children to realize what their uncle has done. Maybe you should be more worried about what happens in your own family instead of judging others?” one social media user told Priscilla. Another commented, “Well, clearly safer for any child to be in a room full of trans people than guys from your extended family …”

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