June “Mama June” Shannon posted a sweet video clip of Anna Cardwell’s oldest daughter, Kaitlyn, as she prepared to go to her first middle school dance, and she looks just like her mom in the footage.

“These are the times and moments I wish [Anna] was still here to help her get her dress and get her ready and all but [Justin Shroud] and her ​[sic] finds out how to do her hair like she wanted,” Mama June, 44, wrote via Instagram on April 27. “She was excited to go to her first grownup dance but she has a piece of her mama with her around her neck at the dance I hope she has a ​[sic] amazing time she is her mama made over for real.”

Mama June’s husband, Justin, 36, also shared a video of himself and Kaitlyn, 11, as he curled her hair for the dance.

“These are the moments that I wish [Anna] was here for but I know she is looking down smiling right now. I think we made her first middle school dance a success,” Justin wrote.

Anna died in December 2023 after a battle with stage 4 adrenal carcinoma. Following her death, Mama June and Anna’s ​ex-husband, Michael Cardwell, became embroiled in a custody battle regarding Anna’s two daughters, Kaitlyn and Kylee. Michael was granted custody of Kylee, 8, but Mama June reportedly took Kaitlyn in after Anna’s death, according to TMZ. While Kylee is Michael’s biological daughter, Anna never revealed the identity of Kaitlyn’s father, ​although Michael was active in the child’s upbringing.

After Mama June was granted temporary custody of Kaitlyn in January, Michael filed legal documents requesting custody of the little girl, which were obtained by In Touch. In the paperwork, Michael ​noted that Mama June and Anna had a strained relationship and claimed that his visitation schedule before Anna’s death allotted time for both Kylee and Kaitlyn.

Anna Cardwell’s Daughter Looks Just Like Her in Rare Video

“Anna has been raised by her maternal grandmother in Griffin, Georgia, since she was approximately ​8 years old and only returned to the home of June Shannon when she was 17,” he said in the legal documents. “Anna has had a very sordid relationship with her mother throughout her life and went various periods of time without speaking to her. Likewise, June’s presence in the minor child’s life has been inconsistent.”

In Touch later confirmed that Mama June filed documents in response to Michael’s lawsuit and asked for permanent and sole custody of Kaitlyn on December 18, 2023.

“Since the mother’s passing, child has remained in the care, custody and control of Petitioner,” Mama June stated in the filing. “Petitioner previously had temporary guardianship of the child. More recently, approximately one month before passing, the mother and child began residing with Petitioner.”

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