She must have her reasons. Amy Roloff shared a photo of herself with a visitor to Roloff Farms on October 19 to impart a message about the power of perseverance, and let slip that she hasn’t participated much in pumpkin season there this year. Could it have anything to do with her ex-husband, Matt Roloff, buying out part of her share of the property and their ongoing tensions, or involve other issues in her personal life, like the death of her mother, Patricia Knight, in September 2019?

“I had another pumpkin season 🎃 moment that really inspired me when I met this wonderful woman,” Amy, 55, began a long post. “She’s 81, had a walker to get around and traveled here by herself to come to the farm! Wow! Life has lots of moments and lots of changes too. Being able to adjust and not lose sight of believing in you and others, you still matter, have value and purpose is key at any age.”

amy roloff posing with a visitor to roloff farms
Courtesy of Amy Roloff/Instagram

She later added, “She reminded me that sometimes we need to change what and how we do things in order to keep doing the things we want and meant to do. Don’t let someone or your physical ability stop you from doing, living and dreaming in life. Even though I wasn’t really a part of pumpkin season this year (various reasons), I truly missed meeting so many of you and dressing up. Enjoy this amazing time of year — Fall.”

Shading Matt Amy Roloff Says She Wasn't Really a Part of Pumpkin Season This Year

In the comments of the same post, someone asked, “Can you guys tell me why she’s not part of the pumpkin season?” Amy herself responded, “Just a lot going on and changes and choosing not to be involved in a confrontation,” in one comment before adding, “Just not as much this year. It’s changed for me now and because I choose not to be a part of a confrontation that could have impacted others from an ultimatum that was said to me if followed through.” That seems … rather shady to us, TBH.

Could that possible “confrontation” have to do with her ex? Or maybe with his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, who seems very present at the farm this season? It could be that both tensions between them all and Amy’s grief are contributing to her not being as active at the farm as she would like to be, and we truly hope there aren’t things going on behind the scenes making an already difficult time in her life even worse.

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