It looks like there’s still plenty of tension between Little People, Big World star Matt Roloff and his son Jacob Roloff. In a recent Facebook Live, mom Amy Roloff opened up about her decision to leave the farm — and how her youngest son played into it. On July 14, the star revealed that once she knew she wasn’t going to buy out her ex and keep the whole farm for herself, she decided to sell. When it came time to pick a sell-by date, though, she knew she had to keep her son’s wedding in mind, because her ex wouldn’t.

“When we first agreed to [the sale] back in January of 2019 … I put down November 1 of 2019 [as the date of sale],” Amy said. She wanted to make sure she gave her son plenty of time to plan his wedding. Apparently, Matt wasn’t as on board with that idea, so she knew she couldn’t sell too soon. “Originally, [Matt] had kind of suggested, ‘Nope, Jacob is not going to get married here,'” she said. “I thought ‘Jacob not married on the farm? What is he talking about? All the kids got married on the farm. … No way!'”

It seems like Jacob still ended up rushing his plans, though. “To make sure that [the wedding] happens [before] November 1, they’re getting married this September,” the mom of four revealed. The wedding isn’t the only thing Amy has been supportive about, though. As it turns out, she’s been there for her youngest in all regards. “It doesn’t matter what I think about Jacob and Isabel, he is my son, she is going to be my future daughter-in-law!” she said. “I love them, regardless of whatever they are doing in life and their life choices. They’re great people.”

The family drama isn’t particularly new, though. Back in October 2018, a source spilled to Radar Online that Jacob blamed his dad for the divorce. “His mom was hurting for a long time, and he believes Matt was the sole cause of that,” they said. Amy, on the other hand, seems to have grown closer with Jacob and his fiancée, Isabel Rock — so much so that Izzy even invited her to join her and her friends for her bachelorette party. “We had a great and special time! The wedding day is near!” Amy’s soon-to-be daughter-in-law shared on social media. Seeing these two together is so sweet — and we’re glad that mama is able to give her son the wedding he and his fiancée are dreaming about.

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