The Roloff family sure has a lot going on these days! The Little People, Big World brood has dominated headlines with everything from Matt and Amy's divorce to Jeremy and Audrey's baby and Molly's wedding. Now, even formerly estranged son Jacob Roloff is back in the spotlight.

The 21-year-old recently found success with his first book, Verbing, and in his love life with his fiancée Isabel Rock. The ex-TLC star is even back on better terms with his family!

Now, with Jacob potentially returning to the show this season, it's time to learn more about the gal who has stolen his heart. Read on for everything to know about Isabel.

Where does she live?

Like her former reality star man, Isabel grew up in Oregon. Now 21 years old, she's relocated to nearby California, seemingly for career reasons.

Does she have any siblings?

Isabel is incredibly close with her family, often posting about her dad and brother Nico. She even goes so far as to call her big bro her "best friend."

What happened to her mom?

Isabel explained on Instagram that her mom passed away from breast cancer in 2014. She detailed that she’d promised to write a book about her mother and to use that money to build "her dream house." She added, "I still want to build you that dream house, Mama. Just now you'll be able to appreciate it in a different way."

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Captioning this photo "I miss my mom" is a bit too obvious and repetitive to all of the posts I've ever written about her. She was my best friend. I know everybody says that about their mom but I mean we did everything together. Friends would ask me to hangout and almost always I would've rather hung out with her. Now I know why, I didn't have much time. I especially miss the deep talks about life, singing in the car, house hunting on Sundays where we'd go to all of the super fancy open houses and pretend we were going to buy them 😏 I'd always say "I call this room!" and we'd giggle and laugh the car ride home. I remember one time in particular after one of those days I said to her, through tearful eyes, "Mom, I know you are sick but you have to grow old enough for me to write my book, and then I'll have the money to build your dream house. It'll be just like those fancy ones but better, exactly how you'd want it." She'd just smile her warm, comforting smile. I still want to build you that dream house, Mama. Just now you'll be able to appreciate it in a different way. 💗

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How did she meet Jacob?

It's unclear how Jacob and Isabel initially met, though it likely has something to do with their shared interest in the arts — her in the visual, and him in the written.

Has she met his family?

Isabel appears to get along swimmingly with the Roloff family, especially Jacob's siblings. After attending his sister Molly's wedding in July, she gushed, "Congratulations to Molly and Joel, you two are so loved and it was felt the entire day and night. So happy for you friends." Most recently, she hung out with Jer and Auj's baby girl, Ember. "Happy Easter!" she captioned the adorable snap.

What does she do for a living?

On her Instagram profile, Isabel describes herself as a photographer and artist. She often features her work on her social accounts, as well as the Rock + Roloff website she shares with her man. "Jacob and I created a site where all of our thoughts, art, and future video content we create can live," she wrote of the project, which features mostly his writing and her paintings.

Is she political?

TLC stars are known for being more politically conservative, but not Isabel! The 20-something has attended marches to protect the environment, often tweets in support of Black Lives Matter, and is generally outspoken about her opinions.

Why did she take a social media hiatus?

In early September, she announced she was taking a break from social media. "Have you ever been faced with a life changing decision? If you choose one way, your life will change drastically… but if you choose another, your life will also change drastically," she wrote. "Scrolling my Instagram feed is not helping me any right now. So, send good thoughts my way as I try to navigate this next season of life. See ya soon."

What are her social media handles?

The hiatus didn’t last long, as Isabel is now back to posting regularly. You can catch up with her on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

When's the wedding?

The happy couple got engaged in January, but there's no word yet on when the nuptials will be. Only time will tell!

Little People, Big World airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on TLC.