Get ready for some heavy lifting! Rain Brown scores her first big job on the highly anticipated next episode of Alaskan Bush People, and it’s not for the faint of heart. She learns how to operate a dangerous drilling vehicle and seems to be a bit frazzled at first when her father, Billy Brown, attempts to show her the ropes. 

“You are going to run this,” Billy says in an exclusive clip obtained by Radar. “I think it’s really cool that dad trusts me enough to put me in a machine like that, but it’s that pressure, it can freak somebody like me out,” Rain admits in the confessional. Her dad had the utmost faith in her abilities and even explained how he wouldn’t let most of her siblings do the job. “We’re teaching Rain,” he added. “We really do depend on her and I really do trust her.” 


(Credit: Discovery)

The 15-year-old looked nervous while taking a seat in the machine, but her dad cheered her on. “Go get ’em girl,” he said before Rain vented: “I want to do more in the future for the family and this is the first big job that I’ve had that people are actually depending on me. If I mess the holes up or if I do something wrong, the entire barn will be messed up.” The two were having a tough time communicating once she had to give it a go, but she took it nice and slow! 

It looks like Rain is really coming into her own, especially after she discussed how she wanted more respect from the people closest to her. “My entire life, people, especially Birdy, have always treated me as this fragile thing that everybody has to take care of,” she said on a recent episode. “And being the youngest, I’ve always been fighting just to be a person.” 

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