For a reality show that features a whole cast of now grown-up stars and their personal lives, Alaskan Bush People doesn't actually show much of their private lives. Sure, we've seen what they're like as a family both in the bush and now out, but what are they like when interacting with people outside of the family? When it comes to dating, it seems like only Noah Brown's done much of it in front of the cameras, and though he has his fiancée, Rhain Alisha, now, we know at least one of the dates that he went on on-air was fake and with an actress hired for the storyline. But what about everyone else?

For years, rumors have been swirling that other Brown boys have been dating — and even getting engaged or married — away from audience's prying eyes. In fact, there are even some rumors that oldest son Matt Brown isn't just married, but even has kids. Though it seems that the kids part is fake, the dating behind-the-scenes theory is definitely real. After all, the kids that were rumored to be secretly Matt's children were actually those of one of his ex-girlfriend's. According to Inquisitr, that ex's name was Heather, and it was her two daughters from a previous marriage who were caught in a picture with the ABP star. The Alaskan Bush People Exposed Facebook page has also shared a photo alleging that Matt was caught wearing a wedding ring while filming parts of the show.

And there's even more evidence that Matt's younger brother Bam Bam Brown, also known by his real name Joshua Brown, has been sneaking around behind production's back. Actually, is it behind production's back if this person you're sneaking around with is a producer? Yep, that city girl that Bam Bam mentioned on the show a few seasons back was actually Allison Kagan, one of the Discovery Channel producers hired to work on the show. They've been pretty upfront about their relationship on social media, but they haven't let it factor into the life that Bam Bam leads in front of the cameras, not even during last year's Christmas special which aired a month after they finally confirmed their year-long relationship to the public.

Gabe Brown also found love once the cameras stopped rolling. He's posted a few pics showing just his hands with girlfriend Raquell Rose, and she's posted a couple more showing her holding his hand or going on adventures with his younger sister, but it was Rain Brown who gave fans an even closer look into the couple's relationship. On Valentine's Day, she even posted a picture of the pair kissing, writing, "Third wheelin like a pro this V-Day," as she kissed the family dog, Mr. Cupcake. We'll have to wait to see, though, if Gabe's romance with Raquell appears into any future storylines — or gets sidelined like most of the family's relationships.

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Though Rain herself is only 15 years old, there's even been speculation that she's started seeing someone. Fans started wondering if she had a boyfriend (or girlfriend!) when she posted a picture with the caption, "Sometimes all it takes is one special person and suddenly the world doesn't seem so bad anymore." And she's posted about having crushes before, captioning other pictures, "And you sir, you're very attractive. Therefore, I will stare at you," and, "You stare, you dream, but you never have the courage to do anything about it, anyone can have a crush on anyone, in fact, it's so common that it's a cliche."

There's been no official word just yet on whether it was anything more than a crush, but we know eagle-eyed fans will be on the lookout. And hey, maybe as she grows up, gets older, and becomes even more interested in interacting with boys outside of her family, we'll see what it's like bringing a teenage boy home to meet your parents in the bush. It sounds like good TV to us.

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