Shut down! OutDaughtered star Adam Busby took to Instagram on Thursday, April 30, to clap back at a troll who took issue with the way he addressed his red-headed daughter.

“What duck wouldn’t come to this sweet little ginger? #hazelbasil #itsabuzzworld,” the dad of six, 37, captioned an adorable shot of his baby girl, 5. In response, however, one fan wrote, “Calling someone ginger is not always appropriate just because they have red hair, FYI.” Of course, Adam couldn’t let that slide. “Don’t be so sensitive. Ginger isn’t a derogatory word.”

Adam and Hazel Busby Photos
Courtesy of Adam Busby/Instagram

Adam — who shares a set of all-girl quintuplets and an older daughter with his wife Danielle Busby — revealed in a separate comment where she gets her stunning hair color. “We actually have family members on both sides with red hair,” he said. Mystery solved!

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time the reality star slammed haters. Most recently, responded to a user who questioned why his kiddos weren’t wearing helmets while bike riding.

“If I thought my kids were in any sort of life-threatening danger], they would be wearing them,” he said on April 27.

The famous family has been making a point to get some fresh air amid the coronavirus pandemic, but, naturally, fans took aim at that too.

“I guess you are all special, you don’t need to quarantine right,” the comment read. “Quarantine means do not leave your house, stay home in your backyard, not riding bikes risking getting [COVID-19]. Yet, Texas has thousands infected. Way to go.”

“That’s not what it means where we are,” the TLC personality replied. “We can go on bike rides. We don’t live in a highly-populated area. I can ride around the lakes with the girls and maybe see two people at the most that don’t come within 100 feet of us. This is no different than being in our back yard. I just have common sense about it. Worry about yourself.”

You can’t please everyone.

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