She’s over it. Alaskan Bush People star Rain Brown is apparently dying to leave home, according to a source who spoke with Radar Online. The 16-year-old and her older sister Birdie, 24, are the only Brown kids still at home with their parents, and apparently, Rain doesn’t exactly get along with her big sis.

“Rain cannot wait to turn 18 so she can get out of the house,” an insider told the outlet. “Although she and Birdie tolerate each other, they do not always see eye to eye on things and could not be any more different.” That has to be uncomfortable.

As for the rest of Billy and Ami Brown’s kids, Radar reported that their relationship with their parents is pretty bad at the moment. The insider noted, “Billy and Ami are starting to realize that it is their own fault that their family is so divided. Billy put his desire for fame before his family when they were living in Alaska and it has driven a wedge in between them. It’s so sad, but it is his own doing.”

Rain’s brother Noah Brown is also not living at home, and that’s probably a good thing because it doesn’t sound like she gets along with his wife, Rhain. They had a “huge fight” with their family, and now Noah, Rhain, and their newborn son Elijah aren’t even living in the same state as Rain. They’re currently in a $220K Colorado cottage that Billy gifted to the couple, Radar Online reported on March 21.

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But it’s not all bad between the siblings. Apparently, Rhain’s pregnancy news made Rain change her tune a bit about her sister-in-law. “While Rain isn’t fully on Team Rhain yet, she has opened up dialogue and is really excited for the birth,” a source told Radar in November. “Everyone thinks it is just a matter of time until she comes around.” Maybe if Rain moves out of the house, her relationship with all of her brothers and sisters — including Birdie — will improve.

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