She’s all grown up! But more importantly than that, it turns out that Alaskan Bush People star Rain Brown has always been all grown up. In a new “very long and personal post” shared to her Instagram account on January 17, the reality star confessed to her fans and followers that she’s never felt like other kids. “To me, I’ve lived twice as long as I really have,” she wrote. “I’ve thought different my whole life.” Watch the video above to see everything she shared, and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

One thing that we can say for Rain, 16, is that she’s always been pretty mature. And beyond that, she’s been open and honest with her fans, too. In September 2018, she shared her experiences being bullied, and back in October 2017, she spoke frankly about having depression. But it seems that not everyone would agree that the teen is as mature as she thinks. In August 2018, she reportedly accused her big brother’s new wife, Rhain Brown, of stealing her name. And in July 2018, Noah Brown slammed her for being a child.

“When you are a child like little Raindrop, you do not have to think about what you are going to eat for dinner or worry about paying bills because your parents do everything for you and you cannot take care of yourself,” he wrote on Facebook. “Young Raindrop spends her days cuddling bunnies and playing with her dolls not knowing about the stressful lives of the adults around her.”

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Harsh words — especially from a big brother. For her part, though, Rainy didn’t respond, at least not publicly. That alone speaks highly of her maturity, and what she shared on Instagram seems to confirm that. “The world may never see you as you feel, people may say mean things, people may laugh, or judge, but I promise there will be people who support you and see the soul that resides inside you, and they will love you. Just like I do,” she wrote.

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