Brad Fiorenza reveals that he went through a breakup before filming season 4 of The Challenge: All Stars and admits that it contributed to his disappointing performance in the competition. The Real World alum was eliminated by Adam Larson during the show’s Wednesday, May 15, episode.

“I was struggling with sleep this season because I did go through a pretty rough breakup and I had some other personal stuff going on, but sleep was a major issue for me this season,” Brad, 43, exclusively tells In Touch. “I get excited to be around a bunch of people in a house like that, and it’s hard enough to sleep in the first place, but to have personal things on your mind at the end of the night … and the worst is, like, when you’re watching the clock and you’re like, ‘I’ve got six hours to work, five hours to work, four hours to work.’ That [was] pretty much my sleep schedule for most of the season. The thoughts about some of the stuff that happened at home would get to me a little bit and then it was just not my best work, unfortunately.”

Despite dealing with issues in his personal life at home, Brad couldn’t stay away from the show he loves so much. “I don’t know how much time I have left to compete and it’s hard to pass up an opportunity to be, not just part of the competition, but it’s people on both sides of the lens that truly do start to feel like family over an extended period of time. … I don’t know, unless there’s something truly physically blocking me, I don’t know what would keep me from competing, because I do love this game.”

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Following an impressive performance on season 3 of All Stars, where he finished as the runner-up, Brad came into All Stars 4 with confidence. However, after performing well in the first daily challenge, he began continuously finding himself in the losing group week after week. Although he was able to avoid the first few male eliminations, he was eventually voted in, with two votes against him coming from players he thought were allies, Ace Amerson and Cara Maria Sorbello.

While Brad says he has “no personal hard feelings” toward Ace, 45, or Cara, 38, he admits he was surprised by their decision. “I understand why they did it, but I just personally feel like I would have communicated that a little differently,” he explains. “But that’s just a personal choice, really, and I don’t judge them for that. It’s just not my style.”

Away from The Challenge, Brad is the proud dad of two sons. He shares his kids with ex-wife Tori Hall, who he met on the MTV show. “I don’t know exactly what their mother does as far as parental controls, but I will say they do know what The Challenge is,” Brad shares. “They love that I compete in it. So I will say that’s part of my motivation to keep playing to an extent, is how excited they get to know their dad’s on The Challenge. They do think it’s cool.”

The MTV star says he’d love to continue competing on The Challenge “as long as [his] schedule permits.”

Of course, we also had to ask him the most hard-hitting question of all: Is he keeping his signature beard? “You know what, I have moments where I’m tired of it,” Brad admits. “But sometimes when I get tired of it, that’s when I’ll go out and someone will be like, ‘Man, awesome beard. How do you grow it out like that?’ They’ll ask for tips on the beard and I’m like, ‘Maybe I can’t cut this off right now.’”

He adds, “I’m pretty good at not getting food in it. … I do keep it clean, just to put that out there. I do wash it and I do keep it clean. So that’s really never been a big factor for me. But the wind, that is a factor on certain days. And there’s just some times where I’ll think, ‘I don’t know how long I’ll keep it.’ There are times where I’m ready to cut it off. I just don’t know what’ll happen in the future.”

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