Sofía Vergara has a huge hit on her hands playing Colombian drug lord Griselda Blanco on Netflix – but she’s by no means satisfied and wants to be number one in Hollywood at all costs! An insider exclusively tells In Touch, “Griselda is the culmination of something Sofia has been pushing toward for years and years in that it’s finally broken her out of the comedy space, where her attractiveness and distinct accent were used primarily as shallow punchlines and now, overnight practically, she’s this capable, insanely watchable dramatic powerhouse.”

Griselda premiered on Netflix in January and fans were shocked by Sofía’s portrayal of the late Miami-based criminal. The A-lister’s success not only helped boost morale in her acting career but also her other business ventures.

“The icing on the cake is that the show’s Netflix viewership numbers show that the series is a hit not just in North America but in plenty of Latin American countries as well,” the insider continues. “That’s super-important to Sofía who also co-founded and co-owns the management company Latin World Entertainment that specializes in Latin talent, and Griselda is living proof that Sofía’s longtime focus on Latin-themed productions where she can honor her heritage continues to pay off and then some.”

Before starring in Griselda, Sofía was popularly known for her role as trophy wife Gloria Delgado-Pritchett in Modern Family. Not to mention, the Colombia native has sat on the judging panel of America’s Got Talent since 2020 during season 15.

“[Sofía’s] next step on her journey of increasing her power and her net worth in ingenious ways that cannot be copied or duplicated by her peers. It’s not hard to play the hot milf on a sitcom or to be a reality show judge, but it is hard to play a violent true-life drug dealer under heavy makeup, and Sofía pulled this off with flying colors,” the insider explains. “Her true calling has always been to be a media mogul and with Griselda she finally has the credibility to dive head first into producing more dramas [Sofía also produced Griselda].”

The insider also noted that Griselda was“a skeleton key that has unlocked a whole new set of opportunities for Sofía and puts her on track to become the Latin equivalent of her one-time co-star-turned-media kingpin Reese Witherspoon and sets her up for a giant payday if she ever wants to sell all or part of her company – and she’s already one of the richest women of her generation in Hollywood.”

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Courtesy of Netflix

All in all, “2024 is starting to look like a true game changer for her, and if you know Sofia, nothing motivates her more than becoming more powerful and defying the odds – something she has in common with the real life Griselda!”

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