The tension between Ashley and Manuel hit a breaking point on the Sunday, November 19, episode of 90 Day Fiancé. The couple went to therapy, but left the session more distant than ever.

Ashley opened up about her struggles to fit in with Manuel’s family during the therapy session. The Ecuador native has two teenage children who Ashley has not met yet. He admitted that he was worried Ashley and the kids “will not understand each other.”

Earlier this season, Ashley admitted that she was concerned after finding out that Manuel had a lot of family in the United States that she didn’t initially know about. She wanted to make sure that Manuel was coming to the States for her, not for his family. “I’m not saying this man is here for a visa. I truly believe he loves me,” she shared. “But I also believe that if things don’t work out and we don’t get married, he has no intention of going back to Ecuador.”

90 Day Fiance’s Manuel Walks Away From Ashley Amid Explosive Fight After Therapy Session

Another issue Ashley brought up in therapy was her concern over Manuel sending money home to his family every month, despite not having a job. He refused to discuss it further, insisting that his personal life was “private.” By the end of the session, both Manuel and Ashley agreed to work on their issues. She made it clear that she wanted a “front seat” in his life going forward.

The duo debriefed the therapy session over lunch afterward. Manuel called their therapist a “clown” and insisted that he would not go back again. The disagreement got so bad that Manuel refused to get in the car at the end of the meal. He ended up walking home.

Ashley and Manuel’s relationship struggles have been documented throughout season 10 of 90 Day Fiancé. The two first met ten years prior to filming when Ashley was in Ecuador during college. She got engaged to Manuel just one week after meeting him in his home country.

However, when Ashley returned to the United States, the long distance relationship didn’t work. It wasn’t until seven years later that the exes reconnected and decided to give their romance a second chance. This time, Manuel moved to New York to be with Ashley.

It wasn’t long before issues began to arise. One of the biggest points of contention in the relationship has been Ashley revealing that she’s a self-proclaimed “witch.” Manuel did not understand this profession and admitted he was “hurt” by it because he’s a devout Catholic. He also told Ashley that he didn’t agree that she was a “witch,” which led to arguments between them.

“I want my partner to love and respect every single part of me, even the parts he doesn’t understand,” Ashley previously explained. “He’s not understanding. He’s looking at this old school witch from Snow White definition. I’m a motherf–king witch. How are you not getting that? I’m not okay with being judged by my partner.”

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