90 Day Fiancé star Liz Woods embarrassed Ed “Big Ed” Brown when she publicly threw shade at him about their sex life.

Liz, 31, Ed, 58, and their costars were encouraged to discuss their sex lives with a sex educator during the Monday, September 4, episode of 90 Day: The Last Resort. Liz didn’t hold back during the activity and openly shamed her then-fiancé for his skills in bed.

“I’m not someone to just like stop and give you like five or 10 minutes to catch your breath and then like get back into it,” Liz told Ed in front of the other TLC stars. “I prefer to get myself off.”

She continued to discuss their issues in a confessional. “Thinking about being intimate with Ed right now, furthest thing on my mind because it’s just really bad,” Liz admitted. “If we don’t try to work on our sex life in the bedroom, the relationship’s over.”

While talking to the sex educator, Liz explained that she prefers to please herself and has no interest in having sex with Ed. She then complained that “he runs out of breath so fast.” Ed listened uncomfortably, while their costars were amused by the conversation.

In his own confessional, Ed explained his sex had been lacking because he recently underwent surgery and was trying to get back into shape. However, Liz argued the surgery happened months earlier and said she had no regrets about slamming his skills in the bedroom because she believed it was important to be honest in therapy.

The couple later discussed Liz’s actions privately, with Ed admitting he was upset she was “throwing missiles” at him. After he accused her of intentionally trying to embarrass him, Liz denied the claim and refused to apologize.

As their tense conversation continued, Liz pointed out that she was annoyed with him for constantly cracking jokes during their therapy sessions. “The minute things get serious or I get nervous, I go funny,” he responded. “And I’m sorry for making jokes instead of paying attention.”

The argument ended with both Liz and Ed acknowledging that they have things they can both work on the improve their relationship.

90 Day Fiance’s Liz Woods Embarrasses Big Ed By Shading Their ‘Really Bad’ Sex Life
Courtesy of Ed Brown/Instagram

Earlier in the episode, Liz claimed Ed can’t “be serious in the moment.” While Ed defended himself by explaining that he was just “looking for that laugh,” she responded by stating his humor could lead to the end of their relationship. “Sometimes I need you to be serious,” she noted.

Ed clearly wanted to make their romance work and vowed to work on the issue. “I need to calm down my comedy, because the minute things get serious and I get nervous, I go funny, and I’m sorry for making jokes instead of paying attention,” the longtime reality star said.

“I just don’t want you to think I’m taking this lightly, [because] I’m not. I’m serious about us. I want it to work,” he continued. “I just feel us slipping away and I say this very carefully [but] I just don’t like to take life so seriously, because something could happen to you, something could happen to me.”

The latest episode aired one week after the couple tied the knot during a ​wedding ceremony and reception on August 29, in Bentonville, Arkansas.

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