Are kids next for Jay Smith and Ashley Martson now that they’ve reunited? The 90 Day Fiancé couple took to YouTube on Thursday, March 26, and they addressed their baby plans in a Q&A video. Though the blonde beauty already has kids of her own, they hope to have children together a couple of years down the road.

“As far as kids, we’re working on that,” Jay, 22, said. “We really don’t really have no plan, not as yet, but we are working on that.” Ashley, 33, chimed in, “That’s in the future. We’re working on more things, more important [things] right now.” When the Jamaican hunk joked that 2025 could be their year, she agreed that “maybe then” it’ll be the right time.

Though the Pennsylvania native has opened up about having more kids in the past, it was never clear if she and her husband were on the same page. “Jay is not in the position [to become a dad] at all,” she told Radar Online in February 2019. If he came around to the idea, though, their next step would be finding someone to carry their child. Though Ashley had a hysterectomy, she revealed she did “save her eggs.” She explained, “If I were in the financial position, I would have a surrogate.”

For now, though, they’re focusing on the kids they already have — and Ashley claims they’re happy to see her and their step-dad back together. “They’re good,” she dished in the YouTube Q&A. “They like Jay. Jay’s kind of like a big kid. So that’s not an issue. The kids are good.” The tattoo artist chimed in, “The kids [missed] me. We’re having a lot of fun.”

Though the mom of two never allowed her children to be featured on the show, they did pop up occasionally on the couple’s social media. In March 2019, Ashley’s daughter, Roxy, even helped Jay celebrate one year of living in the United States by making him a poster that acknowledged the major milestone. “Happy one year in the U.S.A., J!” the poster read. Jay and Roxy have also shared photos together, proving their relationship is the real deal.

Though Ashley and her man have had a rocky relationship, it’s clear he really does get along well with her kids — and, maybe just a few short years down the road, the couple will be welcoming kids of their own.

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