Social distancing … together? Ashley Martson and Jay Smith called it off — and then back on — more than a few times, and now it seems like these two may be giving it another go. On Wednesday, March 18, both former 90 Day Fiancé stars took to Tik Tok to reveal they’d reunited. Though they didn’t confirm what that means exactly (are they dating? Did they hop right back into their marriage? Are they just hooking up?), they did exchange a little PDA that spoke for itself.

“Maybe, this quarantine isn’t that bad after all,” Jay, 22, captioned his video, which he also shared on Instagram. In the clip, he could be seen posing by himself before Ashley, 33, walks into frame and he kisses her on the cheek. The two are joined by a friend as they drink (and spill) champagne.

Inset Photo of Jay Smith Kissing Ashley Martson's Cheek Over Side-by-Side Photos of Jay and Ashley
Shutterstock; Courtesy of Ashley Martson/Instagram

In the blonde beauty’s post, she takes on the Flip the Switch challenge. After starting off solo, she ends the video with the Jamaican native by her side. “Damn, maybe this quarantine isn’t so bad after all,” she echoed in her own caption.

It certainly seems like they’re together — especially judging by Ashley’s “taken” shirt — but a publicist for the mom of two didn’t say one way or another. “Ashley and Jay are not yet divorced,” they said in an exclusive statement shared with In Touch. “They are still legally married. I can’t confirm the status of their relationship, if they are back together or not, at this time.”

Despite that, the comments went crazy when they saw the two stars back together and all over each other. “What … the … F–K?!” wrote one fan. “Oh, god, this mess is back,” added another with eye-rolling emojis. A third wrote, “How did I know that was gonna happennn. LMFAOOO.”

Some fans were into it, though, leaving comments like, “This actually makes me happy,” and, “Glad to see you and @ashleye_90 still holding it together. 💯🙌🏽👊🏽” Others were rooting for the two, but warned Jay he’d better not mess things up again. “Don’t break her heart again, please,” read one response.

It seems this may be a recent development. In February 2020, Ashley told In Touch exclusively her ex had a habit of trying to “manipulate everyone.” Though she didn’t believe Jay was “an evil person,” she did think he was too immature for their relationship. “I think he’s young, and has never had anyone hold him accountable or give him direction,” she said. “I loved Jay for god knows why and became more of his stability and parent than his wife and partner.”

The same month, Jay explained they were still in the process of getting a divorce, though the papers weren’t finalized. “She’s my first wife, so I’m still going to have that soft spot in my heart for her no matter what,” he exclusively told In Touch. “I just cant deal with her.” Looks like maybe he can after all.

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