After 90 Day Fiancé star Ashley Martson decided to file for divorce from ex Jay Smith, his legal residency status was put into question — and now he’s being deported. After news broke that the star was in ICE custody, some of his fellow 90 Day cast members have come forward to share their thoughts. Danielle Jbali, who appeared on the show in season 2, exclusively chatted with In Touch, admitting she feels for both Jay and Ashley. As someone who’s also been responsible for their ex’s residency status after a divorce, she gets it.

“I feel sorry for both parties involved because it is not an easy process and what is happening now is really hard,” Danielle, 46, told In Touch. “This can ruin someone’s life for the future.” However, she thinks that the 21-year-old star is at least partly to blame. “Jay did not take his marriage seriously, and I feel he knew he was not ready to be married,” she said. “He should [have] never got married. I feel so sorry for Ashley, and I know what she is going through, because it is hard trying to figure out what is true and what is not true.”

According to Danielle, the show’s audience doesn’t make it any easier to deal with these kinds of serious issues in the public eye. “Some of these fans are so obsessed with this show and the cast that they try to frame cast [members] for cheating on their spouse,” she said. “It is hard going through this in the spotlight, and it takes a long time to get over.” So is the 46-year-old star speaking from her own experience when it comes to an ex’s deportation?

“I turned in my evidence to immigration, and I told myself it is up to immigration to decide what to do with [ex Mohamed Jbali] now,” she admitted. Once that was done with, though, she was ready to move forward. “I have forgiven Mohamed for my own peace of mind. Some of the foreigners don’t realize how much work it took the American to get them here, and a lot of them don’t appreciate it at all.”

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