90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star Daniele Gates claimed her estranged husband, Yohan Geronimo, cheated on her with “at least six other women” during their two-year marriage.

“I never thought that he was capable of this,” Daniele, 44, tearfully told producers during the Monday, November 27, episode. “I think that the Yohan that I was seeing and was believing was there, was never actually in front of me. I honestly have no idea who this man is.”

Daniele learned about Yohan’s infidelity after going through his computer and discovering there were “at least six” other women he was communicating with online. One woman reached out to Daniele on social media with jarring proof of her affair with Yohan, 34, claiming that their relationship had continued for the past two years.

“She told me she met his father and his nephew and gave them money, that she had sex with him for all these years and she knew he was married and that he brought her to this apartment complex,” the yoga instructor explained of the woman’s claims, adding that the woman wanted Daniele to confirm she and Yohan were getting a divorce. “She gave me a play by play of their entire relationship and described every single detail, every time she saw him, sent me pictures that he sent her.”

The mom of one added that Yohan allegedly sent the other woman “a picture of his d–k on Christmas Eve while [she] was handing out gifts to his family in his neighborhood.”

Daniele and Yohan seemingly ended their relationship during the November 20 episode of the spinoff after getting into an argument over rent money. The blowup began after Daniele asked Yohan for his half of the funds during the November 13 episode, to which he said he wasn’t planning on “paying a dime for rent.”

“I do so much for you and you have no love, you just want a house and a car. You don’t want a wife,” Daniele tearfully shot back before asking him if the relationship was over.

“Yes,” the personal trainer replied, seemingly hinting toward a divorce. “I’ve put up with too much of your crap.”

What Did 90 Day Fiance’s Yohan Do? Inside Daniele Fight

The argument was the tip of the iceberg of a much larger argument the couple has had surrounding their finances over the years. The couple — who made their debut on season 2 of 90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise — visited a life coach earlier in the season in hopes of working out their communication.

During the session, the business owner explained that the problem she had with the relationship was that she was forced to “take the lead a lot.” Meanwhile, Yohan believed the real problem was that Daniele was someone who said one thing and changed her mind the next day.

“You said, ‘I can work, and you can stay at home,’” Yohan told his wife as she began to laugh. “You said that. I’m not crazy.”

Daniele felt Yohan may have misinterpreted her words as she said she would never tell a man that in her life.

“The suggestion that Daniele would ever make an agreement that she would work all day, while her husband sat home and played with the dog is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard,” Daniele said in a private confessional. “All we ever talk about is that I need him to contribute financially. So, this is the first time I’m hearing this story.”

Their relationship hit another roadblock during the October 30 episode after Daniele discovered Yohan withdrew $160 from her bank account without her permission.

“This has nothing to do with the amount of money that he took out,” she told producers in a private confessional. “I wouldn’t even mind him taking money out the bank if he needed it. The problem is that I asked him if he took it and he said no. That’s where I’m really scared.”

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