The drama of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days continues. After Memphis Smith’s sudden exit on the season 5 tell-all, more details are surfacing around the alleged circumstances of why it happened. Keep reading to find out more details about why Memphis left the 90 Day: Before the 90 Days tell-all! 

Memphis Smith, 35, made her TLC debut when she traveled across the world to meet Tunisian native, Hamza Moknii, 28. Dating online for eight months prior to meeting in person, Memphis not only left Tunisia with a husband but also expecting their first child. 

The pair seemingly left the series as one of the season’s strongest couples, but their tell-all experience was cut short as Memphis abruptly left the stage due to illness.

However, a video captured by 90 Day Fiancé fan account Merry Pants explained there’s more to the story that fans didn’t get to see. In a confrontation with producers, Memphis claimed a cameraman was shooting her private room as she was breastfeeding her baby. 

While the leaked video is pointed at the ground the entirety of the clip, both Memphis and the infant’s cries are heard on the audio. “You had the cameraman in the crawl of the damn door,” the Michigan native yelled at producers. Feeling violated, she added, “I’m sitting in there, I’m sick. I’m throwing up, my blood pressure is elevated. I’m dehydrated. I’m trying to feed my baby, and here you guys are, you guys don’t care about no one.” 

Despite the producers assuring her that no footage would be used, “That’s not even the point,” Memphis replied. “The point is, it shows your guy’s integrity, and you don’t have any.”

TLC viewers had mixed reactions to the clip. “The irony being someone recorded the tirade of having her privacy violated..,” one observer wrote. In Memphis’ defense, a viewer replied, “People have been accusing her of leaving for nefarious reasons. She has to protect her interests.” 

While fans were also wondering why Hamza stayed instead of following Memphis’ exit, she is heard mentioning her husband, “He can tell our story ‘cause I don’t want you guys just saying whatever y’all wanna say about us.” 

Since the tell-all, Memphis and Hamza have sparked major breakup rumors. His sister Rawia first ignited the buzz when she spilled major tea about Hamza’s relationship on social media. “Do you feel Memphis treats your brother well?” a fan asked via her Instagram Stories on April 7. Not giving any details, Rawia simply answered, “No.”

The nurse practitioner had a choice message for her sister-in-law a few days later. Taking to her Instagram Stories, she wrote, “I don’t understand why is it OK for Hamza’s sister and whoever supports him to make bad remarks about me when they have no idea what’s going on?” 

While the pair have yet to confirm a split, they no longer follow each other on social media and Memphis has since scrubbed all photos of her Tunisian husband off her feed.

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