Big mistake? 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star Corey Rathgeber admitted that he had relationship with a woman named Jenny while he was married to wife Evelin Villegas. After Corey finally came clean about just how “serious” his relationship with Jenny really was, he came face to face with her in a tense scene on the TLC reality TV series, and he denounced his affair with her shortly after. But who exactly is Jenny? Keep scrolling below to find out more about Corey’s other woman.

Corey previously revealed that he met Jenny, who is originally from Ecuador, while he was traveling through Peru. At the time, Corey believed his relationship with Evelin was over because she had kicked him out of the home they shared in her native Ecuador just months after they secretly tied the knot in June 2019. While Corey was on his trip, Evelin heard rumors that her husband had a girlfriend in Peru. When he returned to Evelin’s hometown of Engabao in March 2020, she confronted him and he claimed Jenny was just a fling and that they had only spent a few days together.

Shortly after Corey returned to their marital home, the coronavirus pandemic hit Ecuador and Evelin allowed Corey to stay and they self-quarantined together. During the lockdown, Evelin was able to move past her issues with Corey and forgive him for being with another woman — but only because she believed that they had not been intimate.

In a scene on the October 3 episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, Corey told the truth about his relationship with Jenny while chatting with his and Evelin’s mutual friend Raul. Corey said things were so “serious” that Jenny introduced Corey to her family and they planned to move in together. Corey also admitted that he “lied” to Evelin when he said he had not been “intimate with Jenny.”

On the October 10 episode, Corey came face to face with Jenny for the first time since he returned to Ecuador. He apologized to Jenny for ghosting her and told her that they could not continue their relationship because he was committed to working things out with Evelin.

On Thursday, October 14, the Mill A, Washington, native took to Instagram with a since-deleted scathing message about his tryst with Jenny. “I would like to address the situation with the other girl that appeared on the last episode. I don’t even want to say her name because it disappoints and disgusts me every time I hear it. I made a big mistake and blindsided the one I love more than anything. I am ashamed by the mistakes and harm I have made towards Evelin,” Corey wrote in the caption of a photo of him hugging his wife on the beach at sunset.

“To everyone who says I deserve this ‘other person’ … You don’t even know her. You saw her in one scene. I can tell you she was never ‘for me,'” he continued. “What I did was wrong and very selfish. I never had any feelings for this other person and I never intended to be with her. I never was or ever will be with this person. Being with her was my biggest mistake ever and I will forever be sorry for these actions.”

Corey went on to further apologize to Evelin. “I know when you watch the TV it’s hard to see Evelin as a loving and caring person. The reality is she’s very much the opposite. She has always been there for me and truly is an amazing individual. Even during my hardest times. She has always loved and cared for me more than anyone will understand,” he added. “I just want to thank you Evelin, you are the world to me and thank you for all the love, support, friendship, care and happiness you have given me over these 7 plus years! Again I am so very much sorry [disappointed face emoji].”

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way airs on TLC Sundays at 8 p.m. ET.

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