90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days stars Statler and Dempsey’s relationship got off to a rocky start after meeting in person for the first time in the U.K. Despite a strong connection, fans were left wondering whether Statler made the move across the pond to be with her girlfriend. 

Where Does ‘90 Day Fiance’ Star Statler Live?

Statler is a 33-year-old from Austin, Texas. As an adopted child, she considered herself the black sheep in her family. 

“For some reason, I’m into girls with an accent, specifically an English accent,” she told producers during a confessional. “And that led to me finding the most amazing women I have ever met,” Statler added, referring to Dempsey.

While it remains unclear whether Statler has relocated to the United Kingdom to be with Dempsey, fans believe they’ve spotted clues that indicate the exact opposite. In April 2023, Dempsey shared a series of photos from Austin and San Antonio, Texas. However, none of the photos featured Statler.

How Did ‘90 Day Fiance’ Stars Statler and Dempsey Meet?

“I’m feel like I’m definitely more experienced than the average Joe or Jane,” Statler said in a teaser shared by the franchise’s official Instagram page in July 2023. “I’m a freak. Having a good sex life is really important, but love is the most important thing.” 

While she’s looking for unconditional love, after not finding it in the States, she decided to look across the sea in England. The pair met online and Statler was immediately enamored when looking through Dempsey’s photos. After speaking online for more than seven months, Statler headed to Darlington, England, to meet the 28-year-old for the first time in person. After multiple delays, including a missed flight and an illness, the pair’s connection multiplied.

However, the pair might be on different pages as Dempsey admitted to feeling “confident” in their relationship, saying, “I even kind of told her I loved her yesterday, but she didn’t say it back.” 

“I don’t know if she was just stressed because we were on our way to meet her dad, but I definitely feel like I need to tell her in a more proper way.”

Unbeknownst to Dempsey, Statler said that if everything goes well during her trip to the United Kingdom, she plans on moving there permanently.

How Did Dempsey React to Statler’s Proposition to Move In?

While the couple found fireworks upon Statler’s arrival in Europe, her revelation to move in not only shocked Dempsey — but also her father. 

“My lease is up back home, uh, well pretty much after I come back,” Statler told Dempsey’s dad over lunch- during the August 6 episode. “So Dempsey and I haven’t really talked about it, but it might be something I’m considering, moving over here and moving in with her.”

Dempsey’s dad admitted it was “pretty fast,” and privately told cameras that alarm bells were ringing. “Statler wants to move to England. Just a complete and utter shock,” he continued. “They need to talk about that. I don’t want either of them to rush in. They just need to take a step back” 

Dempsey and Statler spoke about their future together during the August 13 episode, following a romantic Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt. After Statler revealed that she wasn’t planning on renewing her lease in the States, she dropped the bombshell that she wanted to move in together. 

“I do really feel strongly for you, but I just think that we should, like, take things slow and not move in with each other so quickly,” Dempsey replied. “I just have rushed in the past also, and it’s just not worked well for me for many reasons.” 

While the pair were unsure about their future, Statler met Dempsey’s friends during the September 3 episode and they also agreed Statler was “way out there.” 

“My only concern is the fact she wants to move in straight away,” her friend Linzi told her while Statler was in the restroom. “I think, like, take things slow and enjoy it for what it is.”

Are 90 Day Fiance’s Statler and Dempsey Still Together?

While their relationship status has yet to be revealed, the pair follow each other on social media — which is a great sign. Statler also regularly “likes” Dempsey’s photos on the platform.

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