Mama doesn’t play! 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star Tim Clarkson spoke with girlfriend Melyza Zeta’s mother, Martha Zeta, and formally apologized for cheating on her daughter.

“It will be almost impossible to have a future with Tim if my parents are not on board or supportive of our relationship. It makes me upset, obviously because I doubt that he can win my mom back. But I do think it’s worth [it] to try,” Melyza, 29, said in her confessional. “So, you know, I’m still hoping for the best.”

Tim, 34, and the Colombia native arrived at her family’s home for dinner. The Texas resident greeted Melyza’s father, Medardo Zeta, sister, Susie Zeta and dog, Nina, upon entering her family’s home. Finally, he greeted her mom, Martha, with a hug. Even though she was upset with Tim, Martha explained she hugged him because she isn’t “made of stone.” “But that doesn’t mean that I’m super happy because he’s staying here, no,” Martha said in her confessional.

Once the family sat down for dinner, Medardo asked why Tim decided to move to Colombia when they originally planned for Melyza to move to the United States instead. Since Medardo did not know that Tim cheated on his daughter, they lied and said they learned they needed more time to live together and work through some issues in their relationship before taking the leap for the K-1 visa and getting married.

The couple planned to eventually tell Medardo the truth, but decided their family dinner was not the appropriate time to do so. Instead, while Medardo and Susie went inside to prepare drinks for the family, Tim spoke with Martha and Melyza in private.

“I want this opportunity to speak to you alone because I know you know a few things about us,” Tim said as he started to choke back tears. Martha told Tim she knew everything that happened between them and Tim apologized.

“And first, I just want to say I’m sorry because I know that I’ve hurt you as much as I’ve hurt her,” Tim said. Martha asked Tim what was he thinking when he cheated, and Tim said he wasn’t thinking, and that he was “purely being selfish.”

Tim Clarkson and Melyza Zeta
Courtesy Tim Clarkson/Instagram

But Martha did not accept Tim’s apology because she felt he was making excuses for his actions. “I only want to work really hard for another opportunity,” Tim told Martha.

“Well, Tim. Look, obviously I am very, very disappointed,” she told Tim, and explained she doesn’t believe he is the right person for her daughter.

“Not having Melyza’s mother’s approval is more or less like a death sentence for our relationship,” Tim said in his confessional. “If it’s something that I cannot earn back, I honestly don’t think our relationship will survive.”

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