He’s defending his woman! 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days star Tarik isn’t exactly thrilled with the way he’s been portrayed on the hit TLC reality TV series, and he’s actually been very vocal about it on social media. So when fans started to call out his girlfriend Hazel for being a “gold digger,” he took to Instagram to set the record straight.

“OMG… this whole family of loving, caring, kind, generous people… have used some kind of collective Jedi-mind trick manipulation on me,” the 43-year-old wrote. “I must get away from these gold diggers! (Lord. This is sarcasm/joke people) SMMFH. All we can do is laugh at this s–t.”

But honestly, Hazel kind of said some pretty shady things in her confessionals to make fans think that she might not be with Tarik for the right reasons. Earlier this season, Tarik traveled from Virginia Beach all the way to the Philippines to meet her for the first time in person after meeting online. But Tarik had an unexpectedly long layover in Bangkok, which is where one of his ex-girlfriends live, and Hazel expressed her concerns.

“I am worried if Tarik choose [sic] his ex over me. His story is suspicious — it is hard to trust a man that I never met,” Hazel, 25, said in her confessional. “He is my only chance to leave the Philippines, so I hope he is serious about me.”

And fans aren’t the only ones who are suspicious about Hazel’s intentions. Tarik’s brother Dean also traveled to the Philippines because he wanted to meet Hazel in person to see if she was a genuine person, but his abrasive questions made Hazel shut down. That’s when Tarik decided to whisk Hazel away for a romantic couples’ retreat to El Nido for a few days, and he told Dean that he needs to stay in Manila.

“I may be the third wheel, but I told him why I was coming and he was cool with that and now, they’re going away or whatnot,” Dean told the cameras. “And there’s nothing I can freaking do but wait and see if my brother gets any sense and find out all she’s trying to do is get to America.”

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