She wants fans to know she’s not a gold digger! One of the things fans love most about watching 90 Day Fiancé is they like to figure out which couples are really in it for love and which couples are only in it for the money or the green card. That’s why when 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days star Ricky said he has some doubts about whether his girlfriend Ximena was with him for the right reasons, fans started buzzing. But now, Ximena took to Instagram to set the record straight and to clear her reputation by telling her side of the story.

“1) At the time of the recordings had my face inflamed? Yes. 2) What procedure do I perform? Septorhinoplasty. I told my surgeon that I wanted to correct the aftermath of my accident and that it was smaller. 3) I use [sic] the money that Ricky sent me in the procedure? Absolutely not, I am a professional woman. I work and [do] not need a man to make [my] wishes come true 4) Ricky sent $1500 dollars? Lie, I never asked for money if he sent me, but not the amount that he claim [sic],” the 27-year-old old wrote in a caption on Instagram.



She basically called Ricky a liar, because he was the ones making those claims against her on this week’s episode. Ricky said that while Ximena never directly asked him for money, she would hint at it by saying things like she wasn’t working at the moment or she couldn’t afford certain things, and he said he’s sent her somewhere between $1,000-$1,500 since they first met on Colombian Cupid. “Then [I] found out she got a nose job,” Ricky said. “That raises some red flags.”

But in her confessional, Ximena said she never asked him for anything. She also explained that the reason why she got a nose job was mostly for medical reasons, and only part cosmetic. She said when she was in college, she got into an accident where she broke her nose and after that, she was having trouble breathing through her nose. She also said it changed the look of her nose aesthetically, and she didn’t feel good about it. She had an opportunity through her health insurance where the company would cover part of the surgery for her and she would have to cover the rest. She had the money, so she chose to do it. She also said that she used the money Ricky sent her to visit her sister and bought things for her nephews.



That explanation seemed like it was enough to get Ricky to trust her. “Look I can see that you’re mad,” Ricky said. “But I believe you. When you talk to me, I feel that it’s from the heart. I’m sorry.”

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