He’s defending himself! Out of all of the couples on Season 3 of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, it seems like Jon Walters and Rachel Bear are the only couple that has a fighting chance of actually making it work. They were the first new couple to get engaged, and it seems like their fairytale will finally come true — but it wouldn’t be a 90 Day Fiancé show without at least a little bit of drama. Jon previously revealed on the show that he had a violent history and criminal record, and he took to Instagram to defend himself from fans who claimed that he was too “dangerous” to be trusted as a father figure for Rachel’s infant daughter Lucy.

“Some of you think because I’ve had few fights Rachel and Lucy are in danger — I pay for daycare that has an active shooter procedure but cannot guarantee Lucy’s safety and Rachel lives in fear of crime,” the 34-year-old explained, bringing up the issue of gun violence in America. “Hear what I’m saying people — I pay people to look after Lucy so Rachel can work, they can’t guarantee Lucy’s safety and the woman I love lives in fear for her life and the life of her daughters.”

“You all need to know Rachel and Lucy have never ever been safer than when they were both with me, and that’s an absolute truth,” the Weston-super-Mare resident continued. “Any opinions that Rachel or Lucy are in more danger being around me that at home in the USA are simply misguided and delusional.”

Many fans brought up the fact that since Jon said he had been in about 50-60 fights in his past and had been convicted in a handful of them, that he might have a bad temper which would put both Rachel and Lucy in danger of his violent outbursts. But he insisted that in the times that he’s gotten physical with people, it was out of protection and defense rather than being the aggressor.

“You’re wrong,” Jon said in another comment. “You know nothing about the people I’ve protected, the drug dealers I’ve seen off, the bullies and abusing men I’ve confronted — you know nothing of the fight I was pushed into as a child and you don’t know what it’s like growing up with a target [on] you [sic] back — where every scumbag in the town wants revenge — know you f–k all about my character.”

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