WYD, Mohamed Jbali? The former 90 Day Fiancé star took to Instagram on Tuesday, May 14, to share a not-so-appetizing photo of his breakfast. Needless to say, it didn’t take long for fans to troll him in the comments.

“The simplest is the most delicious!” he captioned the snap. “Tortilla, egg and cheese.” In response, one person wrote, “Somehow, it doesn’t look too appetizing.” Another added, “Never use Kraft Singles on Mexican food or pretend Mexican food. Or any food. Or take a pic of a dish with Kraft Singles; it’s an insult to foodie nation!!” A third chimed in, “I’ve never heard a Kraft Single called ‘delicious,'” while a fourth laughed, “You should use literally any other type of cheese than that lmao. It’s not even real cheese.” Ouch!

Yet this isn’t the first time the TLC alum shared a snap of his culinary creation. Just hours earlier, Mohamed posted a pic of “baked chicken,” which confused several commenters. “This is chicken? It looks like pizza,” they wrote, while another agreed, “I thought it was that Mexican pizza from Taco Bell at first.” No shade, but we can totally see why they’d think that!

These days, the former fiancé of Danielle Mullins is laying low in Texas and recently got a dog. As for her? Well, she opened up to In Touch exclusively this week to give insight into her new relationship.

“He had reached out to me and Mohamed both during our first season of 90 Day Fiancé,” Danielle, 46, dished on May 15. “We stayed in contact after me and Mohamed split. He was there for me and my kids after Mohamed left. … He approached me and did a hypothetical scenario, [saying], ‘What if there was someone who would love you, support you and be there for you?’ When he first did the hypothetical, I cried. … I never thought someone like him would be interested in me because he is educated in the profession of teaching. … We are still together.”

Aww. Congrats, Danielle! We’re sure Mohamed will have a ladylove again soon enough. But for now? He seems content living that bachelor life.

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