Mama bear Debbie Johnson will always protect Colt Johnson, but that doesn’t mean you can come for her instead. The 90 Day Fiancé star fired back at a hater who accused her of acting more like her grown son’s girlfriend than his mom — and when his actual girlfriend Jess Caroline’s name came up in the conversation, the Happily Ever After star clapped back at her, too.

“You are such a mean mom. Leave Colt [alone], and let him make his own decisions. Butt out of his life. You act more like [you’re] his girlfriend than a MOM! I’m glad [Jess] puts you in your place all the time. Even with your stupid eye rolls, you deserve it. Someone has to do it,” the troll wrote.

90 Day Fiance Star Debbie Johnson Claps Back at Comment She Acts Like Son Colt Johnson's Girlfriend
Courtesy Debbie Johnson/Instagram

Living up to her “savage” Instagram handle, Debbie responded, “I must [have] missed the parts where Jess keeps putting me in my place. Oh, I know, you were watching a completely different show. Of course that makes sense. Probably some cartoon. More your speed. Watch closely so you don’t keep missing things.” She even blew the commenter an emoji kiss.

The Las Vegas resident often clashes with her son’s girlfriends. In recent episodes of the TLC series, she contributed to major relationship drama between Colt, 35, and Jess, 26, when she mentioned the software engineer’s friend Vanessa Guerra was the one watching their cats during the trio’s trip to Brazil. Debbie claimed she didn’t mean to start an issue, but she’s gone on the record with her objections to her son’s relationship.

“I wish that Colt was with someone like Vanessa instead of Jess,” she said on the 90 Day Fiancé spinoff series. In a July 2020 conversation with Us Weekly, she also said, “I think [Jess] went after Colt for the wrong reasons, and I just don’t think they were a good match.” Though she admitted she’s “probably a very nice girl” and said she would be “perfect for someone else,” she believed the fiery redhead was “wrong for Colt.”

She also compared Jess to Larissa Dos Santos Lima, her former daughter-in-law. Debbie and Larissa butted heads while the Brazilian beauty was married to her son, but, ultimately, she thinks even she was a better fit relationship-wise. “I don’t think Larissa is evil. I mean, I don’t think she is not,” she said. “She’s a different type of person, and she can’t help some of the things that she does and … it’s just the way she is. She can’t help it, but I think Jess just has a plan.”

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