Mama knows best! 90 Day Fiancé star Colt Johnson’s mom, Debbie Johnson, revealed she thought her son’s ex-wife, Larissa Dos Santos Lima, was a better match for the 35-year-old than his current girlfriend, Jess Caroline.

“I don’t think Larissa is evil. I mean, I don’t think she is not. She’s a different type of person, and she can’t help some of the things that she does and … it’s just the way she is,” Debbie told Us Weekly on Wednesday, July 29. “She can’t help it, but I think Jess just has a plan.”

Courtesy of Colt Johnson/Instagram

Although Debbie thinks Jess is “probably a very nice girl,” the proud mother knows she’s “wrong for Colt.” Explaining her reasoning, she added, “I think she went after Colt for the wrong reasons and I just don’t think they were a good match, but I’m sure she’d be perfect for someone else.”

For Colt’s part, he admitted he sees his mother’s concerns. “There’s definitely some red flags,” he told the outlet. “Let me tell you, probably just as many red flags as there are red hairs on her head, but you know, I have this tendency of just jumping into things. I proposed to my ex-wife after five days just knowing her, spending time with her. So I think I have a hard time confusing love [with] just affection.”

Colt first began seeing Jess in the summer of 2019, shortly after he finalized his divorce from Larissa in April 2019. The exes decided to split in January of that year, following their marriage in June 2018.

Although Debbie thought Larissa was a better match for her son, Larissa has made it clear she and her ex are never ever getting back together.

On Thursday, July 30, Larissa shared her “last statement” about Colt on her Instagram, telling him to “go to hell.” Revealing where they stand today, she said the last time they were in touch was to discuss her 2019 taxes. “This is why I called him,” she explained. “He promised to get me the information required and contact my boyfriend, not me, with it.”

The Brazil native was originally set off after Colt accused her of not “trusting him” and using fake numbers to call him while talking to Us Weekly. It was clearly important to Larissa to set the record straight.

It looks like Colt’s journey to find love is far from over.

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