90 Day Fiancé star Brandan DeNucciõ hit another roadblock in his relationship with Mary De Nucciõ (née Demasu-ay) when his mother, Angela Stiggins, showed her disapproval of their romance.

Following the Monday, September 25, episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, fans got a glimpse into upcoming episodes that will feature Angela traveling to the Philippines to spend time with her son.

“As far as me and Mary having some sort of good relationship, that’s not happening,” Angela said in the clip.

While Angela’s arrival will likely cause drama, the teaser also gave fans a glimpse into the playful side of Mary and Brandan’s relationship. “This is gonna be messy,” Brandan said before he shoved a pie in his ​then-girlfriend’s face. In August, In Touch exclusively confirmed they tied the knot.

Angela’s trip to the Philippines comes after Brandan, 24, and Mary, 23, learned they are expecting baby No. 1, as shown during the September 18 episode.

“I know that I want to wait until marriage before having sex, but I changed my mind,” Mary explained in a confessional interview with Brandan. “Because when Lolo is gone, I feel so confident and Brandan is here now in person and I really love him.”

After Mary took a pregnancy test, Brandan admitted he was “processing” the information. “I don’t know how I’m feeling, I just can’t believe you’re pregnant,” he said. “I am happy. This is … let me process it.”

Even before the pair confirmed their pregnancy, fans took to social media to wonder if they were expecting.

The speculation began when Angela posted and deleted a meme on July 4 that seemingly confirmed she was about to become a grandmother. “In ten years’ time, I’ll have a 21 and 16-year-old, carry on,” the meme read. She reposted the photo and wrote, “I’ll have a 34, 26 & 23-year-old AND a 10-year-old grandbaby!!! Hot damn!!”

The rumors continued to swirl when a woman claiming to be Brandan’s cousin took to TikTok to confirm the pregnancy to a fan.

“Angela and Brandan are my cousins and I cannot wait to see how this plays out when it comes to Mary,” she wrote. She then stated that Brandan and Mary are still together, adding, “And they’re having a baby, Mary is actually a very sweet person.”

Even before Brandan traveled abroad to meet Mary, Angela had been vocal about her concerns regarding his relationship with Mary.

‘90 Day Fiance' Star Brandan’s Mom Angela Predicts She Won’t Have a ‘Good Relationship’ With Mary

During his debut episode in July, Brandan explained that Mary had jealousy issues and asked him to not visit his mother’s house because she had female roommates.

“Mary doesn’t want me over there with any of them,” he explained at the time. “I feel like I’m being pulled from my siblings and my mom from one side, and pulled from Mary on the other. I don’t like that. I wish they got along.”

He assured his mom and sister that things would change once he was in person with Mary, though Angela wasn’t convinced.

“You guys have built a foundation on jealousy and distrust, it’s pretty rocky,” Angela told Brandan. “You can’t see me ‘cause I live in a house full of females, you can’t spend time with your siblings because she is a female and she has friends possibly, that might come over.”

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