Now we ain’t saying she a gold digger! Reality TV fans can’t look away from the trainwreck that is 90 Day Fiancé. In case you’ve been living under a rock, the show documents the journeys of couples (made up of one American citizen and one foreigner) as they rush to walk down the aisle under the restrictions of the 90-day K-1 visa — and with every season comes a whole new cast of couples to not-so-silently judge. One of the biggest things that fans love to debate is whether the international counterpart of the couple is in it for the “wrong reasons” — aka only interested in marrying an American in order to get a green card, or worse, because they’re a gold digger!

Over the course of five seasons, fans have gotten to know 26 couples and there have been a good handful of villains — but we’ve chosen the best of the best and ranked them! Keep scrolling below to see our top five best 90 Day Fiancé gold diggers of all time!

5. Annie

Early on in Season 5, fans were skeptical about Annie, a 24-year-old who met David, a 48-year-old American citizen who had been living in her native Thailand — especially because she followed very the strict, cultural tradition of asking for a dowry after their engagement. But when David’s best friend offered her $10,000 to go back to Thailand after their wedding during the tell-all special, she refused to take the money, proving that she’s really in it for love.

4. Daya

Daya appeared on Season 2 of the show, which documented her journey from the Phillippines to the United States to marry Snohomish, WA native Brett. Most of the drama for the couple stemmed from Brett’s overprotective mother who felt that Daya was just using her son for a green card and for his money and she went as far as to not attend their wedding to prove how much she didn’t approve. But now, nearly four years since the season aired, Daya and Brett are still together so it seems like Daya really had the best intentions.

3. Aika

When fans were introduced to Aika during Season 5, many of them were quick to point out the similarities between her and another 90 Day Fiancé star, Anfisa.

Aika has a taste for the finer things in life like expensive fashion and fancy cars, and she was not afraid to hide it. She even flat-out told her soon-to-be hubby Josh that she expected him to take care of her after she left everything behind in her native Philippines to marry him. “I have high expectations of everything, you know, in the West so now it’s your time to prove me if it’s true,” she told Josh during a video chat. “You know you’re my provider, right?” But judging from social media, it seems like Aika really loves Josh because they’re still together.

2. Paola

The Colombian beauty was part of the Season 1 cast of the series, so she had a little bit of time to actually prove herself to fans. While she may have come off as a gold digger in her first season, she would later prove that it doesn’t matter to her if her husband makes a ton of money — in fact, Paola even stepped up to the plate and became the breadwinner of the couple after her husband Russ lost his job.

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1. Anfisa

Of course, the number one spot had to go to the O.G. gold digger herself! Anfisa was unapologetically a gold digger from the start and she was very upfront and honest about the expectations she had for her husband Jorge. She admitted that she was only with Jorge for his money just like how Jorge was only with her for her looks, and she said she was perfectly okay with their arrangement.

Anfisa knows how fans perceive her, and she doesn’t let it bother her. Recently, Anfisa even poked fun at herself in an Instagram post announcing that she is now a full-time student. “I am now a college student and yesterday was my first day of classes. You always should have a plan B in case trophy wife dreams fail, right? #GoldDigger101,” she wrote.

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