Jealous of who? 90 Day Fiancé stars Paola Mayfield and Anfisa Nava have had quite the history of feuding, and even though they are no longer co-stars on the hit TLC franchise anymore, the ladies are still going at it. Just one day after Paola and her husband Russ Mayfield seemingly dragged Anfisa in a lengthy YouTube rant, Pao is defending herself from Anfisa’s fans who claim that Pao is just jealous of Anfisa.

“Let me ask you this — jealous about what? We have been on the show in almost every season. We get invited to all of the important events, we get along with almost all couples, we get pay really good and nobody knows how much because is our business, we get a lot of publicity, you can see it by Googling our names, we never trash the show or the network just because we don’t get what we want,” Paola, 31, wrote in a lengthy comment on Instagram. “But the fact that she’s trying to stay [relevant] by trashing the show and the cast, calling us ‘little b—-es of the network’ just because she didn’t get what she wants, it’s ridiculous!”

Pao and Russ decided to record a YouTube video defending the 90 Day Fiancé franchise and its stars after Anfisa exposed the network and claimed that they weren’t paying her enough and that’s why she decided to leave the show and she trashed the network in a series of posts on Instagram. But Pao wasn’t going to let Anfisa get away with dragging the show and the cast.

“If she hates the show so much, maybe she needs to move on and stop tagging 90DF and talking s–t about the cast,” Pao continued. “Maybe it is none of my business what she says, but I’m part of the franchise and that video wasn’t just about her. I wish her nothing [but] the best as I know she is alone in this country with her husband in jail.”

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