After starring on season 9 of 90 Day Fiancé, Miona Bell went on to found her own hair business, Miona Beauty. According to her husband, Jibri Bell, she has since become a “millionaire” and In Touch can exclusively confirm details about her beauty venture. 

According to online records viewed by In Touch, the business is based out of Jibri’s mother Mahala Ritcherson’s home in Rapid City, South Dakota, not Palm Springs, California, where the TLC personalities have seemingly made their home base following their time on the series. 

The business, which is currently in good standing in the state, officially became a limited liability company (LLC) in September 2022 and Jibri, 30, is listed as the registered agent. While Miona, 25, is the face behind the brand, the South Dakota native helps in his wife’s business, most often when it comes to shipping and logistics. 

The Serbia native offers a variety of hair pieces and styling tools on her website, some being a few that the TLC personality actually wore while filming.

“My love for the ponytails started when I got my first ponytail extension, 10 years ago,” the Miona Beauty website proudly displays. “When I realized how easy it was to style my hair with these extensions my life forever changed!”

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Courtesy of Miona Bell/Instagram

During season 9 of 90 Day Fiancé, which debuted in April 2022, fans watched as Miona arrived from overseas to Jibri’s small hometown in the Midwest. While Jibri had lived in various cities across the country, he moved back in with his parents to save money during the costly K-1 visa process — something Miona strongly opposed. 

“If I wanted a small city life I could stay here in Niš and live that type of life,” the Serbian beauty told him over the phone prior to her arrival. “I really don’t want to come to America and live like a 50-year-old.”

While Jibri was confident about the couple’s future together in the United States, his mother wasn’t so sure and felt the former makeup artist was going to expect him to provide a lavish lifestyle

“I’m nervous about her pressuring you to move before you guys are ready,” Mahala told her son. “Her presence on social media looks like she would want to live in Beverly Hills.” 

Her eventual arrival wouldn’t be smoother as Miona clashed with Mahala and his dad, Brian, finding them to be more strict than she expected. Later during the season, his parents eventually told the 90 Day Fiancé couple that they needed to move out of their home and into their own place. 

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“You had plenty of time before Miona came to look for places to get married because you knew this was going to happen eventually,” Mahala lectured her son as she sat down with the couple during a July 2022 episode. “We are following up with the plans for you two to be on your own, starting a married life in your own place at the end of the 90 days.”

While Jibri and Miona were in a tough bind at the end of the season, the couple revealed in November 2022 that they were able to make California their home

“Moved to Palm Springs with my wife, 3 months ago,” Jibri shared via Instagram at the time, reposting a photo of Miona posing outside their desert home. 

Under the post, the Miona Beauty founder shared more information about the move in a reply to a fan.

“We first moved to California, but 40 minutes away from Palm Springs last year,” the 90 Day Fiancé alum wrote. “A couple months ago, we came here because we liked it so much [sic].”

Reporting by Nate Grant

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