TLC star Memphis Smith spent a lot of time talking about her ex-husband during her story line with Hamza Mokni on season 5 of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. In Touch can exclusively confirm her ex-husband is a man named Justin Sandoval. Keep scrolling to learn more about Memphis’ ex-husband!

Justin is 35 years old and from Muskegon, Michigan. It’s unclear when Memphis, 35, and Justin tied the knot, but they were married by the time they welcomed their first child together, a son, in the fall of 2014. Justin also seemed to be an active stepfather to Memphis’ 13-year-old daughter from a previous relationship, Kennedi, during their marriage. Unfortunately, Memphis filed for divorce in November 2015, and it was finalized in February 2017.

When Memphis made her reality TV debut, she was upfront about her past. “I’m a single mom raising two beautiful kids,” she said in her confessional. “And I shared custody with my ex-husband of my 6-year-old son. After my divorce, I learned how to be a more self-sufficient woman so that I could support my children. I put myself through school for over eight years. I graduated with my masters’ and I just got a new job as a nurse practitioner.”

However, she had no luck in dating American men online following her divorce. She tried an international dating app, which is how she met Hamza, 26. The couple had been dating long-distance for eight months at the time of filming. She documented her first trip from the states to Hamza’s city of Kairouan, Tunisia, to meet Hamza in person and during their trip, they planned to get married.

The couple’s chemistry was off the charts, so much that they landed themselves into trouble with Hamza’s mother, Hayet. Since premarital sex is not accepted in their strict culture, Hayet arranged for Memphis to sleep in Hamza’s room while Hamza slept in the living room during their visit. The following morning after Memphis arrived, Hayet caught Hamza in the room with her.

They were able to smooth things over with Hayet, but they continued to face issues in their relationship, mostly due to their communication barrier as they used a translator app to communicate. Memphis’ trust issues were triggered after she learned that Hamza had lied about her age and told her he was 28 years old. They also struggled with tension between them amid the pressure of getting married within a short amount of time.

90 Day Fiance Star Memphis Makes Living Nurse

Memphis dropped a huge bombshell on Hamza when she revealed that she had been keeping a secret from him and had stayed over ex-husband Justin’s house for four days during the very beginning stages of their online relationship.

“I was feeling kind of down and he said that I could stay at his house, so I spent four nights at his house, but nothing happened sexually,” she shared via a translator app. Hamza was upset that Memphis went to her ex during her time of need and not him, but she explained that she fell into a deep depression after failing her state exams for her medical career and could not care for herself or her children. Justin helped by preparing meals for her and her kids and made sure her children were fed and clothed and bathed while she “laid in bed for four days.”

After she explained the reason for staying at Justin’s, Hamza forgave her and the couple put the issue behind them.

During the Sunday, March 13 episode, Memphis and Hayet went to lunch where Hayet asked Memphis some of her most important questions via a translator. One of Hayet’s concerns was that Memphis’ ex-husband, Justin, would “create problems” with Hamza because Hamza would become a stepfather to Memphis and Justin’s son.

“My ex-husband, he is OK with me moving on and being happy. My ex-husband is a very good guy,” Memphis assured. “All my [ex-] husband cares about is how Hamza treats my children.”

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