During episode 6 of 90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise season 4, the couples faced major roadblocks in their relationships, ranging from STD tests to prenuptial agreements.

Alex and Adriano

Adriano took Alex to meet his mother during episode 6. Adriano prefaced the outing by telling Alex if the dinner went well, they could consider taking their relationship to the “next level.”

During the dinner, Alex discussed religion and told his parents that she had an issue with Adriano being an atheist. His family tried to de-escalate the problem by telling her she shouldn’t be worried about “where his love came from.”

After the dinner ended, Alex and Adriano left together and the conversation about religion continued. Alex brought up the subject of threesomes and felt Adriano wouldn’t be so interested in them if he were religious.

“If you were to believe in God, you wouldn’t have threesomes,” she told them while they drove in a vehicle. In response, Alex said, “Having a threesome for me, it’s a pleasure.”

“You’re giving this pleasure so much power that you’re willing to toss me to the side,” she argued back.

Luke and Madelein

The subject of a prenuptial agreement rocked Luke and Madelein’s relationship during episode 6. After Luke revealed his desire for the financial agreement, Madelein stormed off and told the Los Angeles native if he needed “protection” from her, the relationship was over.

“Most of the time, I’m the one doing the compromising,” Luke told the cameras. “But this time is different. It’s a non-negotiable. So if she can’t compromise, then we can’t move forward.”

STD Tests 90 Day Fiance: Love in Paradise Season 4, Episode 6 Recap 1

After spending the night with her grandmother, Madelein returned to the apartment. She told Luke she was disappointed that Luke was “questioning her intentions” by asking for a prenup and the pair agreed to table the conversation for the time being.

Alliya and Shawn

Alliya returned home to visit her mother and family, with the intention of inviting them to her upcoming birthday party. After telling her mother about her relationship with Shawn, Alliya hoped her mother would be able to see what she saw in her future partner.

90 Day Fiance Love in Paradise Season 4, Episode 6 Recap 2

In addition to the birthday party, Shawn wanted to propose to Alliya. Enlisting the help of Brazilian singer Anitta to record a video for the event, Alliya happily accepted when Shawn got on one knee.

Ani and Kyle

Ani, still angry about Kyle’s recent sperm donation in Australia, told Kyle that she wanted him to stop donating through sex. However, Ani didn’t know that there were more donations that she wasn’t aware of.

During the episode, Kyle visited a clinic to get an STD test in an effort to make Ani more comfortable about donating sperm through sex.

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