The drama in paradise is heating up! The season 4 couples of 90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise hit some major road bumps during episode 3. From Ani and Kyle arguing about sperm donation to Shawn and Alliya’s changing relationship dynamic, what happened during the newest installment of the spinoff?

Luke and Madelein

After spending months apart, Luke arrived in Madelein’s native Colombia during episode 3. Madelein was excited to show Luke her new business venture, Made Beauty, which was funded with the California native’s help.

“Luke is [an] entrepreneur but he’s not the only one have a good brain for the business. Three months ago, I opened Made Beauty. It’s a beauty salon [sic],” Madelein said in a private confessional. “Luke spent $10,000 in Made Beauty, but I am the one doing all the work.”

Despite agreeing to assist Madelein, Luke worried about being able to afford the venture after losing his job. When dropping his unemployment news on Madelein, she was angry he didn’t tell her earlier as they were a “team” and needed to work together. After her harsh reaction to losing his job, Luke feared telling her that he would not be permanently moving to Colombia during this trip.

Ani and Kyle

After an “odd” first dinner together, Ani and Kyle went on a sightseeing tour in Malta. During the excursion, the Germany native grew uncomfortable as Kyle kept touching his crotch.

“Sitting down too much kills your sperm. I try to adjust them, so they don’t get overheated,” Kyle told Ani, noting it’s why he always wore shorts. In a joint confessional with producers, the digital nomad added, “The longer you sit, it heats up your balls. It kills your sperm. You have to, like, readjust so it doesn’t kill your balls.”

Kyle’s recent trip to Australia became a point of conversation and Ani asked Kyle if he donated sperm while in the country. While he initially refused to answer, Kyle confirmed he had sex with someone while in Australia. In response, Ani told Kyle he had to change his donating practices if he wanted their relationship to continue.

“When we got serious in our relationship, I thought Kyle would stop donating sperm through sex,” Ani told producers.

Alex and Adriano

Sperm Counts and Beauty Salons! 90 Day Fiance- Love in Paradise Season 4, Episode 3 Recap 111

Alex finally reunited with her “exotic man” in his native of Solano, Italy during episode 3. Despite sharing a warm reunion at the train station, their relationship quickly hit some bumps during their first dinner date. The pair discussed possibly moving to Australia together but the U.S. native was unsure of the move due to the state of their relationship.

“Adriano and I have broken up twice,” Alex told producers. “Once I move to Australia, he’s gonna find somebody else and I’m gonna be left by myself.”

Alex also voiced her concerns about Adriano’s affinity for threesomes, telling her long distance boyfriend that she was not comfortable with them. The pair could not come to an agreement about the topic and decided to save it for a later conversation.

Alliya and Shawn

After the hairstylist arrived in Brazil, Shawn and Alliya continued to figure out their changing relationship. Shawn hoped it would be possible to love Alliya the same way he loved Douglas but was uncomfortable as they shopped for more feminine clothes for her.

“Right now, I’m feeling a disconnect between Douglas and Alliya,” Shawn admitted in a private interview. “I know what life being married to a woman is, and I haven’t signed up for that.”

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