She’s back! 90 Day Fiancé star Leida Margaretha has definitely become quite the villain on the Season 6 cast after she tried to kick her fiancé Eric Rosenbrook’s daughter Tasha out of the apartment that the father-daughter duo shared together. She started to get a ton of backlash online, so she retaliated by exposing her haters — which eventually led to her Instagram account getting suspended for violating the app’s terms.

Leida, 29, was so upset that her account was suspended that she took to Medium to write a now-deleted blog post where she told her side of the story. “On Monday, Nov. 26, I got my Instagram suspended sometime during evening time. First of all, me and my family are on the show called 90 Day Fiancé,” Leida wrote, according to screenshots shared by blogger John Yates. “The show that did massive editing for entertainment purposes and ratings. The show that dehumanizes me, and makes me look bad. Not only me but my partner Eric as well.”

“Second of all, most people don’t know about the editing that the show did. So, most of them got triggered by it and reaching me out and started bullying me massively. These people keep harassing, bullying, calling me names, even threatening me and my son,” Leida continued. “Again, I keep reporting those profiles but Instagram did NOTHING. People wishing me to die and saying bad things about my partner Eric. Also, they say bad things about my son even about my mom.”

Leida’s haters were out in full force after this week’s episode, which didn’t particularly show her in the best light. Leida and Eric’s 19-year-old daughter Tasha didn’t necessarily start things off on the right foot after Leida was welcomed home by a messy apartment — and Leida felt that Tasha purposefully left the apartment a mess as a way to spite her. Then, during a particularly tense scene, Leida was still upset with Tasha about the mess in the apartment, so much that she tried to kick Tasha out. “I want you to move out,” Leida told Tasha. “I don’t think we can work it out.”

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