She’s clearing the air. Nearly 48 hours after Larissa Dos Santos Lima was arrested on domestic battery charges after a fight with her husband Colt Johnson, she is ready to tell her side of the story. The 90 Day Fiancé star took to her Instagram story to share a statement to clarify what exactly happened between her and Colt, and she also shared an update about the status of her and Colt’s relationship in the aftermath of their very public fight.

“My first time on [sic] jail was decisive for my second arrest, please don’t share things that [claim] they have a reason,” Larissa, 31, wrote in a text post. “The only reason was my first arrest, even was dismissed. Thank you. Nobody was scratched or hurt. I’m not severe [sic] depressed. I had depression and anxiety after my first time on [sic] prison. I went to the doctor and after we found the best medicine. I’m good.”

90 day fiance larissa instagram update

Shortly after sharing her statement, Larissa posted a series of selfie videos where she warned fans about falling for the rumors surrounding the details of her arrest. She also thanked her fans for their support, and she confirmed that she and Colt are still together despite all of the drama.

“Hello to all my fans. Don’t believe in people that say they have inside information, they just want to spread the gossip. They say they are my friends but I never saw them in person. Don’t believe in them they just want fame,” Larissa said. “I needed time to heal my relationship with Colt. It’s fragile now. I love him, he loves me, so we try [manage] all the situation and we try to work and figure out all the legal issues. I just ask you guys: don’t tag me, don’t send me gossip. I want time to heal. Thank you.”

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