Kirsten Schoemaker and Julio Moya addressed their split during part one of the 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way tell-all on Monday, December 4. The sit down was the first time they had spoken since their breakup.

Julio, 28, said he had trust issues in his relationship with Kirsten, 24. However, when asked if his Dutch girlfriend cheated on him, Julio let Kirsten take the floor. She admitted that she had been texting a male friend while dating Julio and the New York native said he thought Kirsten was being unfaithful.

Although Kirsten denied the cheating allegations, Julio recalled a time when she went dress shopping at home in the Netherlands and sent him a photo with a mystery man in it. Julio said he demanded to see the conversations between Kirsten and this man and claimed that they were “calling each other mami and papi” and talking about their excitement of meeting each other’s families.

Julio accused Kirsten of deleting the conversation, which she denied. She also doubled down on her denial of infidelity, saying that she “never even kissed” the man in the photo. The episode ended with Julio asking for his phone, so viewers will have to wait until part two of the tell-all on December 11 to see what happens next.

Kirsten and Julio were one of the couples featured on season 5 of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way. They met on Instagram and started dating after Julio flew to the Netherlands to meet Kirsten amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Julio eventually decided that he would move from New York to the Netherlands to be with Kirsten, but he still hadn’t told his family about the relationship or his decision to relocate to Europe. When he finally did come clean and heard how skeptical his family was, he began rethinking his decision to move, which increased the tension in his relationship with Kirsten.

Kirsten was frustrated with Julio for changing his mind and ruining their plans. When Julio wasn’t able to give Kirsten an actual timeline for his move, she put her foot down and said she wouldn’t wait around for him. Julio suggested they split instead of arguing about the situation any further.

“I still love Kirsten, but I think we have to really assess the situation and really look at things for what they are,” he admitted. “I think me and Kirsten were living in a fantasy world for a lot of our relationship. You know, the last couple of months have been difficult. If things were going better with me and Kirsten, we would have been able to make it work.”

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