Setting the record straight! 90 Day Fiancé star Julia Trubkina took to her Instagram Story to slam plastic surgery rumors.

“I think questions about Botox, operations are gone,” Julia, 26, captioned a throwback family photo featuring her as a child in January. “I have very beautiful parents and I have never had an operation to change my appearance.”

90 day fiance julia plastic surgery rumors
Courtesy of Julia Trubkina/Instagram

It seems Julia is very against plastic surgery in general, and it led to some tension between her and her costars Yara Zaya and Rebecca Parrott during the season 8 tell-all on April 11. Rebecca, 50, showed off her makeover after undergoing a tummy tuck, laser lipo, face fillers and lip injections. Yara, 25, complimented Rebecca’s new look and revealed she also underwent plastic surgery for a nose job and lip fillers. Julia then interrupted and said she “disagreed” with plastic surgery because she thought it was “crazy.”

“If you want to look better just go to gym club, just go eat healthy food,” Julia said, adding that she thinks people who use cosmetic or plastic surgery are “lazy.”

She later clarified that just because she doesn’t agree with plastic surgery, she didn’t mean that other people shouldn’t do it.

“It [sounded] like judgment,” Yara told Julia. Julia insisted that she was just stating her opinion. “Your opinion sounds like judgment,” Yara explained.

The Russian beauty was introduced to fans on season 8 of the hit TLC reality TV series with her fiancé, Brandon Gibbs. The couple met when Brandon’s friend was traveling abroad and met Julia at a club, where she worked as a go-go dancer. The friend introduced Julia to Brandon, 27, via FaceTime and they quickly hit it off.

After about five months of dating, the couple decided to take their relationship to the next level. Brandon proposed to Julia during a romantic vacation to Iceland and they immediately began the K-1 visa process. But Julia’s transition to life in America wasn’t as smooth as Brandon had hoped.

Because Brandon accrued about $10,000 in debt financing his trips to see Julia while they were dating long-distance, he and Julia were forced to live at home with his parents on his family’s farm. In exchange for room and board, the couple would have to abide by Brandon’s parent’s rules which were that they were not allowed to sleep in the same bedroom until they were married and that Julia was to help out with the chores. Julia struggled to adjust to farm life, and she reached a breaking point on the Sunday, January 24 episode.

“I try live here and I try help but it’s not working. I tired of stay not my kitchen, I tired of not touch stuff, I’m tired be alone here, I’m tired go sneaky room like I’m baby. I’m done,” she said in her confessional.

90 Day Fiance's Brandon and Julia Face Off With His Parents Over Wedding Date After Hickey Drama

Fortunately, Brandon was able to convince his parents to allow them to sleep in the same bedroom before their wedding. The couple went on to tie the knot, and their ceremony played out in an episode of the series.

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