The 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? season 8 couples aren’t so happy during episode 8.

From alleged hoe phones to an angry father-in-law, what happened during the newest installment of the spinoff?

Patrick and Thais

It’s Thaís’ birthday during episode 8. Patrick and Thaís celebrated the milestone with her father, Carlos, after spending more than two years apart.

Carlos met his granddaughter, Aleesi, for the first time during the reunion, which Thaís’ father called the “proudest moment of his life.” Unfortunately, the sentiment did not extend to Patrick as the bodybuilder felt Carlos was “ignoring” him during the visit.

“It doesn’t seem that time or his beautiful granddaughter has changed anyway he feels about me,” Patrick said in a confessional alongside his wife. “I feel like if I had the opportunity and knew how important it was to get the blessing, I totally would’ve done it.”

As the visit progressed, Patrick tried to connect with Carlos over fatherhood but Thaís’ father brought up how he “kidnapped” his daughter when she moved to the United States. While Patrick defended himself by telling Carlos he was unaware that Thaís hadn’t informed him of their wedding plans, the patriarch clapped back at Patrick for not being “man enough” to ask for his blessing to marry her during the 2 or 3 times he visited Brazil before her eventual overseas move.

Carlos asked for an apology from the 90 Day Fiancé alums and requested Patrick to ask him for Thaís’ hand in marriage despite them already having a child together. If they didn’t have the man-to-man talk, Carlos said they would have a “big problem.”

Mahmoud and Nicole

Mahmoud and Nicole have been at odds since episode 4 and the drama only continued for the 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way alums.

After spending the night at a hotel, Mahmoud returned to their shared apartment to pick up his items and another blowup with Nicole ignited. Mahmoud left the apartment with his suitcase and promised that he wouldn’t return this time.

Nicole left to look for Mahmoud in the streets of Los Angeles as she worried for his safety and felt if the roles were reversed — he’d do the same for her.

Alligators and Hoe Phones! 90 Day Fiance- Happily Ever After Season 8, Episode 8 Recap

After locating him and demanding he get in the car, Mahmoud was surprised that Nicole went to look for him, believing it meant he still cared about him.

The pair returned to her apartment, where Mahmoud asked Nicole for some time alone in her car to cry. While Mahmoud still loved Nicole, he felt she was trying to hurt him and decided to stay for a few days before figuring out his plan.

Ashley and Manuel

Ashley and Manuel’s blowup from episode 7 only continued. Ashley was upset with the Ecuador native for comparing their relationship to prison as Manuel felt Ashley didn’t trust him to “go anywhere” alone.

The New York native blamed childhood trauma for her trust issues, but Manuel slammed her excuse, telling her he wasn’t the one who caused it and that she should trust him.

Ashley’s patience was tested again after Manuel left the hotel to meet with his friend Johnathan. Despite Manuel telling Ashley that he didn’t want to wake her up and simply had breakfast with him, she was extremely frustrated and announced that she would “not be in an unhealthy relationship.”

Manuel informed Ashley that he needed his space and didn’t tell her about the outing because she would’ve tried to tag along. The fight ended with Manuel questioning his future with Ashley.

Gino and Jasmine

Gino and Jasmine took a break from their drama during episode 8. Gino planned a birthday celebration for Jasmine, which included a romantic bubble bath and an alligator excursion.

Alligators and Hoe Phones 90 Day Fiance- Happily Ever After Season 8, Episode 8 Recap 1

The Panama native admitted she’d been avoiding Gino sexually as she wasn’t ready to navigate more conversations about having kids.

Instead, Jasmine told Gino about her friend Leandro’s idea to sign her up for a beauty pageant workshop the following day, which he agreed to take her to.

Alexei and Loren

It’s surgery day for Loren during episode 8! The mom of three was finally set to undergo her mommy makeover but it was difficult for her husband to stay positive about the risky procedure as he felt she was “already beautiful.”

Loren was admittedly nervous about leaving her kids before going into the operating room but wanted to do the procedure for herself.

Rob and Sophie

Sophie and Rob went shopping at a flea market, where someone selling crystals told the U.K. native that she was clairvoyant. Sophie told the shop owner about dreams she’s had that ended up coming true, which he responded by saying that her “third eye was working.”

“I’ve definitely been clairvoyant in the past. His online cheating, I had a dream and then he did,” Sophie said in a confessional alongside Rob. “Like, it is definitely like the clairvoyancy, I guess.”

Rob instead called her “paranoid” and joked that she didn’t know what being clairvoyant was until that day.

While Rob and Sophie were seemingly making strides in their marriage by moving back in together, Sophie told her mother that she suspected Rob had a “hoe phone.”

She told her mother that she was going to look for Rob’s alleged second phone and promised to leave him for good if she found one.

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