Surprise delivery. 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star Ariela Weinberg was in for a shock when she learned she would need to have an emergency C-section to deliver her first child with boyfriend Biniyam Shibre.

During the midseason premiere on Sunday, October 11, Ariela, 28, was still adjusting to life in Ethiopia after relocating from the United States to start a life and a family with Biniyam, 29. After fighting over their living arrangements, the couple were able to find a suitable apartment that was near the hospital where Ari was set to give birth. The rental featured a kitchen and bathroom, and while it wasn’t perfect, Ari said it would be good enough for now.

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Ari revealed she was the one paying for most of the couple’s living arrangements with her savings, and Bini offered to work two jobs to make ends meet. Despite their tight money situation, they decided to look for a car because she didn’t want to take public transportation once the baby arrives. After visiting a dealership, they were quoted $20,000 for a used car which was out of their budget so they put their car-buying plans on hold.

With the baby due in one week, the couple went in for a routine ultrasound appointment. At their previous appointment, Ari found out their unborn son was breech — which is when the baby is in a feet-first position. Most babies may be able to reposition themselves into the head-first birthing position before their due dates, but Ari learned her baby’s movement had decreased due to a low amount of fluid in the amniotic sac.

Ari’s doctor explained that because of the low amniotic fluid, and because the baby’s weight and placenta were still in good shape, she would have to deliver the baby that same day instead of waiting another week. She immediately broke down in tears.

“I am not ready at all. Me and Ari are not ready at all,” Biniyam said in confessional. Ari said she wanted to call her parents, who were scheduled to arrive the following week to attend their grandchild’s birth.

“I’ve never been more scared in my life,” she said in her confessional. “I wish more than anything in the world that my mom was here. I’m about to have major abdominal surgery in a place that’s very underdeveloped. I don’t know what’s going to happen.”

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