Mama knows best? 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star Ariela‘s mother, Janice, warned her about boyfriend Biniyam‘s work as a club dancer — and told her to “watch out” for his dance partner, who is also his ex-girlfriend.

Biniyam, 29, admitted his job at a nightclub caused tension in his previous marriage to his ex-wife. In order to avoid that in his relationship with Ariela, 28, he invited her and her mom to watch him perform at work in a scene during the Monday, August 3 episode.

When the Ethiopia native entered the stage with his female partner, Ari revealed to her mom that the woman was Biniyam’s ex-girlfriend. “Oh my god, she is really cute,” Janice said. “Thanks, mom. You’re supposed to be on my side,” Ariela said.

“I am on your side,” Janice said, then added, “Better watch out, Ari. Especially when he’s dancing at now and you’re home alone.”

The New Jersey native explained Biniyam and his ex rekindled their friendship while she was away in America and they decided to be each other’s dance partners. “The idea of them dancing together every night? I don’t know. I’m definitely a jealous person, I think anybody who says they’re not jealous is a liar,’ she said in her confessional.

“I see chemistry between Biniyam and his dance partner,” Janice said in her confessional. “It seems to be a great match.” Biniyam later explained the reason he and his ex-girlfriend broke up was because he didn’t give her enough attention and was not “grown up” enough to be in a serious relationship.

Janice said Ariela has more trust than she does, and that was an important factor in her relationship with Biniyam because he didn’t have trust in his relationship with his ex-wife. “Before, my ex, she doesn’t like my job, she doesn’t support me, you know? Because she’s so jealous,” he explained.

Biniyam told a story about one night when he was working at the club as a DJ and he was wearing a white T-shirt. A girl came up to him to request a song and accidentally got lipstick on his shirt. He tried to wash off the lipstick before coming home and it took him three hours to get the trace of makeup off completely.

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Courtesy of Ariela/Instagram; Courtesy of Biniyam/Instagram

“Because she doesn’t trust me, I don’t want to fight with her,” he said as the reason why he decided to stay out all night trying to wash off the lipstick. Janice asked what he would do if that happened while he was with Ariela. “If you trust me, I will tell her,” Biniyam said. “But if she doesn’t believe me when I see her, that’s why [it’s] just better [to] let me try hiding [it].”

Ariela and her mother didn’t think Biniyam gave the right answer. “Biniyam has told me multiple times all the little white lies that he would tell to maintain his relationship. That is not what I want for mine,” she said in her confessional. “Lying to make things better only makes things worse. Jackass.”

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