Angela Deem faced criticism from husband Michael Ilesanmi’s family for choosing to undergo weight loss surgery during the season 6 premiere of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?

The Georgia resident, 54, was already booked for the procedure and prepared to go through with it while her husband, 32, remained in Nigeria on the new Sunday, April 25, episode. Michael expressed his concerns about her safety and said that he loved her the way she was.

“Whenever we talk about this surgery thing, I always feel kinda emotional about it,” he said about his spouse going under the knife. “You know I told you I don’t like it.”

90 day fiance angela deem weight loss christmas
Courtesy of Angela Deem/Instagram

At the time, Angela and Michael had been apart for seven months because they were waiting on his spousal visa to be approved. Sadly, the process was put on hold amid the coronavirus pandemic. The Maury alum said the death of her mother, Glenda, as well as the distance between her and Michael had caused her to gain weight and struggle with feeling her best.

“It’s not that I don’t care about what Michael thinks,” Angela explained in a solo confessional. “I thought that marrying Michael would make my worries go away, but actually, they’ve gotten worse. He’s gonna be 33, I’m gonna be 55. My skin’s going to change, and I’m going to start to look older than I am. And Michael is still going to be as young as he looked the day I married him. So, if I’m not young, I need to at least look the damn part and it starts with my weight.”

Later on, cameras captured Michaels family’s reaction to Angela’s upcoming surgery when they talked about his hopes to one day have a child with her. “Uncle Mike, are you sure Angela is going to give you a baby?” one of his nieces questioned. “She says she’s going to try her best,” he replied.

Michael said he would still love to have a baby but worried they could be facing more roadblocks due to their prolonged spousal visa process. While chatting with his aunt Lydia, he brought up Angela’s surgery and said they argued over it, but Angela ultimately wanted to “look sexier” for him.

90 Day Fiance Michael Ilesenami Claps Back at Hater
Courtesy Angela Deem/Instagram

“So, instead of her wasting so much money on making herself look sexy, why didn’t she keep that money for you to have [a] baby?” Lydia asked about Angela’s priorities, adding they could have used the cash for a surrogate or to look into other options. Lydia said if she was in Michael’s shoes, she would very seriously consider “opting out” of the marriage and be open to marrying a Nigerian woman.

“We are married, and I’m not a fan of divorce, but if Angela decided not to have any kids [with me] at all, I think I will have to divorce her,” Michael shared in another confessional. “That makes me feel so sad and upset because I love her so much.”

90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET. on TLC.

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