Beauty and intellegence? What more could you want! 90 Day Fiancé star Anfisa Arkhipchenko started her path to higher education back when she was living in Russia, but she had to start all over when she moved to Los Angeles with her husband Jorge Nava. On Aug. 19, she opened up about her college experience after making the dean’s list! Watch the video above to see all of her responses.

While Anfisa talks about her classes a lot, she hasn’t given too much info on what she’s actually in school for until now. She revealed that she’s currently enrolled at a community college, though she’s hoping to transfer to one of the University of California schools in the future. She’s majoring in business administration, so it looks like we have a #BossLady on our hands!

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Anfisa also revealed her favorite subjects, which surprisingly are math and Spanish, and she hates writing so much that she keeps putting off taking it! She’s also incredibly studious, spending two hours studying every weekday, and even more when she has an exam coming up!

Anfisa insisted that despite what you may think, she finds American school easier than Russian school. “Everything is well organized,” she said. “I love that you can make your own schedule and choose professors.” Speaking of making her own schedule, Anfisa took 14 units last semester, and this semester she’s planning to up it to 17. 

To celebrate ending the summer semester and starting fall, Anfisa and hubby Jorge took a trip to the Dominican Republic to unwind last week. While there, they went four-wheeling, hiking, swimming, you name it! Anfisa is looking hotter than ever, and it’s amazing that she finds time to work out and eat right when she’s so busy with school! Keep slaying girl, we’re proud of you!

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