She’s got his back! 90 Day Fiancé star Anfisa Arkhipchenko asked fans for their support before Jorge Nava‘s sentencing hearing on Sept. 7. The couple has been nervously awaiting this day after Jorge reportedly plead guilty for Class 4 felony of Attempted Transportation of Marijuana for Sale in Arizona.

“This Friday is going to be a very important day in our lives… Jorge has his sentence hearing. He’s going to need all of your support,” she captioned her pic on Sept. 6. “#FreeJorge #PrisonBae #HotFelon.” The reality star’s followers were quick to respond with kind messages. “Good luck Jorge! I’m rooting for you,” one wrote, while another chimed in: “Praying for y’all.”

The lovebirds just got back from a PDA-filled getaway to the Dominican Republic. However, a few weeks ago, Anfisa and Jorge were teasing fans about a short vacation they were going on between Anfisa’s semesters in school, but Jorge made it sound like he had a longer vacation in mind. On Aug. 9, she and Jorge did an Instagram Live chat with fans, taunting them by not exactly sharing where they’re going. 

The conversation got more personal when someone asked: “Are y’all going to have babies?” Anfisa gave a kinda/sorta answer to the question, saying, “Maybe, not any time soon.” That’s when Jorge gave a weird cryptic reply. “I’m going on vacation for the next year.” What? Fans immediately began wondering if he was implying that he’s going to jail for a year sentence.

The parameters of his plea deal were unclear, but many were surprised to see that he got the judges to drop his crime from Class 2 which includes definite jail time to Class 4 which could potentially just be a couple of years of probation. However, fans now question whether he did agree to a year of prison. Where else would he go for that long? Plus he said “I’m going” not “we’re going.” 

It seems like despite the shocking arrest, Anfisa has decided to support Jorge and stand strong by his side. However, we can’t help but wonder what she would do for that year that he’s gone, or if his criminal record could affect her visa status. We wish them both the very best! 

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